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Staying in a new hotel is usually an uncomfortable moment for those who are used to being comfortable at home and want to repeat the experience outside it. Most travelers do a quick review of a few factors in the room to make sure it will be to their liking: the temperature (and the ability to change it), the firmness of the pillow, some extra blankets…

In many cases the guest refuses to contact the front desk to resolve these small inconveniences so as not to be an inconvenience. However, from hotel management, the last thing you want is for a guest to not feel comfortable, as this frustration can lead to a negative review on social media or booking.com.

Fortunately, the apps break down all the social barriers caused by showing up at the reception or communicating on the phone. With one click, the vast majority of customer needs can be solved. But… why can a mobile app improve the hotel experience? And above all, what can be done with the app?

Communicate and resolve potential issues in the room

Who hasn’t arrived at a hotel and found the TV remote with no batteries or the shower out of control when you open it? It is possible that they are small issues that the hotel management takes time to discover, and that the customer rarely reports, which worsens the experience of their stay. “The best thing about the application is its convenience and speed,” explains Joanne Ladu, founder of STAY, a company that gave the award to EL PAÍS Best guest app 2023 (best app for guests).

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This Spanish company is present in more than 1,100 hotels around the world, where their guests choose their app as a way to interact with the facility. “The most requested function is to reserve tables in hotel restaurants,” Lladó explains, although it is also often used to express a need in the room without having to go to the front desk.

Order food for the room

It would be easy to conclude that the only winner when creating an app as a way to interact with the hotel is the guest. However, the enterprise itself is so interested in promoting the use of applications that many resistances are overcome when it comes to consuming certain services. It always costs the customer more to pick up the phone to request a service (eg, a Spa) from unlocking your mobile phone, compare different options and close your booking and purchase with one click. In this sense, a guest in a hotel with an app of this type will be able to order a sandwich to be brought to the room and also book a taxi. In fact, this type of application allows you to carry out any management that one can do at the reception, just from your personal mobile phone and with a single click.

What are the best pintxo bars or shows in town

When a traveler closes the door of his room, especially if he comes from outside, he is faced with an unknown environment. And not just between the four walls that surround it. You will wonder: where can I go to dinner? How do you book a table? What is the recommended activity in the city? Services such as TripAdvisor or Google offer general information on accommodation, but two sisters from San Sebastian, Idoya and Susana Gomez, decided to strap The cultural and gastronomic presentation of the city in the application – Sisters and the City – and its presentation in hotels. The idea came to us after watching the series New York sexGomez explains, referring to the protagonist’s passion for her city.

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Thanks to this application – which is advertised inside the room as another element of the hotel’s offer – the guest can discover the best bars and restaurants, and make reservations from the application itself. What started as a local project is now in over fifty hotels and expanding the number of cities the app can be used in.

hotel key f paying offfrom the phone

If you can order a blanket from your mobile phone or book a table in the restaurant… why not use your phone as a key and access control inside the hotel? After all, a mobile phone always accompanies the guest and it is not very common to lose it like a key. Named among the top ten hotel apps by the specialist platform Hotel Technology Report, AeroGuest digitizes the entire guest pass through the hotel, eliminating the need for physical elements. With this application, the customer will be able to book, select the room, and make check in And even using the mobile phone as a contactless key to your room and the services you have contracted (gym, garage, Spaetc.).

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