Sanchez discredits Airef report because his pension reform ‘was endorsed by the EU’

The prime minister insists that the proposed formula is viable

The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, at the end of the European Council France Press agency

Enrique Serpeto


Updated at 4:27 p.m.

Pedro Sanchez He does not plan to listen to Arif’s important recommendations on pension reform prepared by his government because his project “has the support of the institutions of society” and “there is social peace”. At the end of European Council Held in Brussels, head of government He admitted that he did not read the report The independent authority that doubts the sustainability of the retirement system designed by a minister Social Security, Jose Luis EscriváBut he claimed that this formula “which won European support was very basic and difficult”.

For Sanchez, the formula proposed by his government «Sustainable and depends on a different model to increase income Instead of cutting off the benefits, “which served him in attacking the Popular Party and its president Alberto Nunez Figowho accused him of being “an indomitable traitor to Spain, lacking in patriotism and longing to return to the past”.

The President recounted in derogatory terms interviews with Núñez Viejo in Brussels, where he met, among others, the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, And the Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, and it is precisely he who should evaluate the reform of the pension system in Spain. For Sánchez, these meetings “with whomever he could” reflect what in his view was “a betrayal greater than that of Pablo Casado, which I thought could not be overcome”.

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