Sanchez accuses de Guindos of the ECB ruling against the bank tax and “appreciates” his help

The government continues to attack European Central Bank (ECB) For his opinion against the Spanish bank tax. The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, was the last to attack the opinion of the establishment, after this morning Minister Jose Luis Escriva criticized the professionalism of the organization led by Christine Lagarde.

In an ironic tone, Pedro Sanchez of Viana do Castelo (Portugal) attacked the Vice President of the European Central Bank, Luis de Guindos, who recalled his past as Minister of Economy in the government of Mariano Rajoy and how he said, and was “the architect of the bailout of the financial sector, which he said would not cost a cent” One euro for the whole of Spanish society.

Without losing his smile, Sanchez also recalled that “he was previously in charge of a large bank, Lehman Brothers, and is today the Vice-President of the European Central Bank; Well, I appreciate, without a doubt, Mr. de Guindos’ willingness to help.’ All this comes from a few words of the latter: «We saw him trying to help governments and peoples. It’s not obligatory.”

In addition, the head of government confirmed that he is continuing with the “road map for the establishment of this important tax” and on whether the entities can eventually pass it on to clients, he stated that “in the approach that PSOE and United We CanIt is suggested not to transfer clients of the various financial entities affected by this tax.

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