Sam Neill reveals he has cancer: ‘I’m alive, I’m kicking and I’m going to work’

Sam Neill He is going through a rather difficult personal moment. world famous actorjurassic park or by string eg Poor disguise And ‘Alcatrazamong others, in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian that you have leukemia.

In this conversation with the English mediator, the interpreter confirmed that he was receiving treatment against him non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, The cancer that was discovered in March 2022 when he was promoting “Jurassic World: Dominion. In his case, it was an aggressive oncological disease, which was very advanced, as explained by the BBC in its web edition.

Unable to make a career out of his acting career, Nils focused on writing an autobiographical book titled ‘Have I told you this before? (Have I told you this before?),” he worried some of his followers with chapters like the one he wrote when he was diagnosed with cancer: “The thing is, I’m done. I might as well die.”

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The many reactions to these words forced Neil to qualify his words in a video he uploaded to his official Instagram account, stating that the disease is in remission: “The news of me has spread around the world, and everything seems to be cancer! Cancer! Cancer!” This is a little tiring, because as you can see I’m alive and well and the cancer is in remission. The past eight months, which makes me feel really good. I’m alive and I’m kicking and I’m going to work.”

So here I am, and I hope the title isn’t too much to do with “it,” because the bottom line is, I wrote this book, titled “Have I Told You Before?” ” It mentions cancer because I wrote it in that context. But I wasn’t really going to write a book, I needed something to do while in therapy, and I used to go to work, and suddenly I couldn’t do it. That’s why I wrote the book, and I have to say there’s been a great response,” the actor explained in his post, also announcing that he’ll be back at his acting job in 7 days.

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