Salaries of up to 2,000 euros per month

Many workers appreciate Rest on weekends, either to enjoy their free time or to be able to get along better, for example, in caring for children. Job hunting can be a complex and uncertain period, so sometimes many conditions are left aside. However, there are options to be found in the workforce.

This company is a multinational corporation dedicated to talent strategy. On its platform, you can find different jobs with different selection criteria.

Some require experience, while others require only a few skills that match the job to be developed. on the job portal The workforce shows up to 486 shows Of work, some posted on Tuesday itself.

For example, a Class 1 Construction Officer is being sought in Alboraya, Valencia, with a salary close to Total €21,000 per annum. Working Monday to Friday with flexible shifts and a half hour break for lunch. An administrative department for customer service is also needed, although in this case the salary is 4 months.

The salary varies according to the job and the responsibilities that the worker will have. In Barcelona, ​​for example, there is a need for a banking consultant whose salary can reach 30,000 euros per year. In this case, the job offer indicates the possibility of volunteering on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Manpower posts bids and He acts as an intermediaryHowever, in many of them, a direct contract is made with the company requesting the services.

  • Kitchen manager

  • Senior Construction Officer

  • Commercial assistant

  • Banking advisor

  • Electromechanical maintenance technician

  • Technical project office technician

  • Industrial technical engineer

How to apply for workforce jobs

To register for the workforce job offers, you must enter “Candidates” area from your website. There are two parts there. On the other hand, job hunting is for people who are seeking to get their first position or increase their experience. On the other hand, the department is aimed at people with experience or managers.

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The interested party should get to the area that best fits their expectations and needs. in “watch shows” A list starting with the most recent appears, however It can be filtered by position or location.

To sign up for a show, you have to click on it and then play it ‘Open an account now’. The candidate will have to create a follow up profile if not available and then will only have to provide the offer information.

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