Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 in Madrid: activities, bars and programs

Saint Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated every March 17th. This Irish national holiday was originally a holiday My religion is catholic to commemorate the death of the saint, but in 1903 it became a public holiday and is now considered its national day.

Saint Patrick’s Day programming

This year 2023, it will take place in Madrid next Friday with a series of events and activities.

he Saturday 18 March A big show will be organized by the Fundación de Banda de Gaitas del Principado de Asturias. will start in 5:00 pm. In the Main field It will feature more than 300 bagpipe players who will play in different streets from central Madrid up to Crowned in the royal palace.

Many Irish bands will give concerts in different parts of the Spanish capital. Irish folk music group green undertones He will perform “St. Patrick’s Day Memorial” at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid on Friday, March 17th. dance group “Irish Triple” He will perform his show “Viagi Celta” at Sala Galileo Galilei on Sunday March 19th at 8:30 p.m

The metro is painted green

station ‘St. Bernard’ It will be renamed for the week until March 19: “San Patricio” station. labels Access to the subway and Slides and platforms From the station it will change its name and color to green.

You can’t miss the Irish pubs

The Irish Rover: This pub is in the purest Irish style Temple bar in Dublin It’s a little piece of Ireland that escapes until you fall in it (Avenida de Brasil, 7), in the Cuzco region. This place is famous for its live performances, food and sports broadcasts. Entering this place is like being transported to the northernmost regions of Europe. During St. Patrick’s Day, the bar is decorated with typical motifs of the celebration, and beer is guaranteed.

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James Joyce: This place honors the memory of one of the most prolific writers in the country. His most famous book, Ulysses, is still studied and admired to this day. In this pub you can enjoy a wide range of meals and lunches typical of Spanish and Irish gastronomy. The bar is located in Kali Alcala, 59Next to Puerta de Alcalá and accessible from Retiro or Banco de España station (Line 2). Iconic hats for Guinness that looks like a hat leprechaun that characterize this celebration. This is the atmosphere you can find in this centrally located pub.

O’Neills: One of the most distinctive surnames in Ireland calls this Pub located in Principe, 12, Next to Seville Metro and Sol in the centre. This pub flies the flag of national products and is where you can find the whiskey and beer brands of the region. In addition, we can find typical Irish breakfasts. Its delicate angles and decor, particularly its library, create an environment that pubs in Ireland can hardly envy.

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