Sadhguru, the yogi who fights against the unknown problem of soil extinction

Soils are dying out, it is a fact that puts the sovereignty of food, energy and water against the ropes. it’s a Silent ally Humanity – as described by the United Nations – that we take for granted. But it is exposed to a hidden evil resulting from a continuous deterioration that reaches a rate of thirty football fields per minute, according to the International Federation of Agrarian Movements. It is a crust about 30 cm long where the basis of life for 87% of the planet resides, but the concentration of pollutants harms soil biodiversity. And Save Soil, along with Sadhguru, echoes this planetary emergency.

Sadhguru is the most watched yogi on YouTube and has more than 20 million followers on social media. The author of two New York Times bestsellers, he has promoted large-scale environmental projects. He was one of the keynote speakers United Nations General Assemblyat COP15, and is also a regular on the World Bank or World Organization of Presidents.

The United Nations and the World Food Program are supporting his initiative to save the soil. The initiative received 3 support.910 million From people in record time, and world leaders ranging from the Dalai Lama to famous businessmen or the CEO of the World Economic Forum. To do this, Sadhguru made a journey of 30,000 km on a motorcycle at the age of 65, through 28 countries.

He points out to the ABC that “People have heard of the extinction of the dinosaurs and the dodo. But right now, I use the term soil extinction.” . The 74% From southern Europe it has a very low organic content in its soil: less than 2%. Currently, the UN statistics say that we can only own agricultural land to others 80-100 crop».

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This means that after 45 there may be an acute shortage of food, and the acquisition of rich soil will become the basis for this wars on this planet. But Sadguru points out that if we wait 50 years to act, it will take 100-150 years to recover. It is estimated that global economic losses from soil degradation will exceed 10% of annual global GDP. The FAO estimates that soil degradation already affects a third of the world’s soil, and the main causes are industry, military activities, waste management and intensive agriculture, which open up the soil and leave it exposed to sunlight and high temperatures that affect microbial organisms.

Sadhguru points out that this situation means that in the coming years there will be a file 40% less food Of these we produce now, and the population by then will be 9.3 billion people. In normal agricultural soils, the organic content should be between 3% and 6%, but in Spain half of the farmland has less than 1% organic content, Geoderma revealed. “The level of micronutrients you got from your food at the beginning of the 20th century was lower than what you get from food now 90%Yogi says.

According to the European Commission, the 70% of European soils In an unhealthy state, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (CNuld) establishes it near 74% of Spanish soil It is at risk of desertification and 18% of becoming irreversibly deserted. Without healthy and fertile soil, the largest natural water reserve is at risk. Intensification of droughts and floods. Biodiversity is lost. Farmers go into debt. Soils absorb less carbon, which would cause them to emit 840,000 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is more than the emissions in the past 30 years combined.

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Forgotten topic

In 2021 the European Union opened a public consultation on the Soil Protection Strategy. It is a step forward for Europe in recognizing the problem. Specifically, the aim of the soil rescue agenda is to encourage political reforms to guarantee agricultural land. Sadhguru points out that most of the environmental problems are detailed by city dwellers, and they only talk about urban problems Of clean air and clean water, because these are the problems of cities.

“There are laws for mining and oil exploration, but 67% of the world’s soil is cultivated, and there is no law for that. There are only incentives to support better farming practices, but there is no law that says your soil has to be of a certain quality to own that land,” he says. Why don’t we talk about the land? Sadhguru replies that he waited for someone to “slay the cat”. And he adds: “Well, here I am.”

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