Sabina triumphs in London on the pulse of the times

Five decades ago, Joaquín Sabina was looking for life in it London, first as a waiter or announcer-man, then as an authorized troubadour, and a trace remains of attachment to that city in which he embraced the artist we know today. It was in the 1970’s when, “at the age of twenty, Fleeing the last blows of the French” He found himself “learning a trade on the street, in the subway, and in the worst slums”, and sometimes (he didn’t say that) pretending to be Mexican and singing “Cielito lindo”. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would eventually play at the Royal Albert Hall.”

The singer-songwriter gave a thunderous concert at the Royal Albert Hall as he combined reflection on fate and mortality with greatest hits, before a fiery Hispanic audience, as part of the Against All Odds tour.

So it was, on Friday, on this British leg of the Against All Odds tour, which marks the big meeting with Sabina three years after the (literal) setback that doomed her last date with Sirat. An expedition in which he plays hide-and-seek over time and mortality, as predicted by the unpublished song “Sentiendo lo mucho,” a kind of balancing act in which he flirts with his life. hospital episode And it appears in the gap, “although the gun no longer has a cartridge left.”

Pride in the environment

He still had a little bit, no matter how pensive and eager to recapitulate: that’s where the first section of the concert was, with that piece coexisting with “When I Was Younger” and “I Deny Everything”.

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Striped jacket and that bowler hat hat That that day was specifically inspired by British MPs, Sit on a chair Throughout the concert he sings, sometimes almost reciting, in a deep, raspy voice that brings him closer to Tom Waits. Noble Chamber, with at full capacity (5,000 people) and presenting extraordinary landscapes: general overwhelmingly HispanicSpanish and abroad, expressing our common pride at the idea of ​​capturing the British capital for one night.

The lady with the scythe reappears in ‘Por el boulevard de los sueños ruptos’, when she remarks that “the worst thing about getting old is the great friends you lose along the way” here in reference to Chavela Vargas. But it wasn’t about singing to him “in celebration of his death, but his life,” as he wanted to emphasize. As a change in melody, the rock and roll of “Llueve sobre mojado” was great, with that very Argentinian chorus and so Vito Bayes.

The gang spoiled him

There was Sabina, working with her back well covered, a band of Seven musicians that covers and coddles her, that Rolls Royce-like smoothness that provides her with strategic pauses: moments of focus for vocalist Mara Barros, guitarist Javier Asúa (ex-Alarma) and longest partner, guitarist and guitarist Antonio García de Diego. He paid tribute to “the only newcomer on this tour, elegant guitarist Borja Montenegro, who takes the purified place of Pancho Varona and who delivered with revealing lyrics: ‘It’s always good for someone to freshen us up a bit'”.

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Although the concert is usually given in one go (they are there Just over 2 hours and 21 songs), in the Royal Albert Hall, due to local customs (associated with the convenience of consumption and making money), there was a half-hour intermission, after which Sabina returned with “very young and very old”. A piece that, already in 1996, was giving a thumbs up to those who speculated something of a Twilight due to problems with the vocal cords and knee.

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Yes, this Sabina opens the doors to a more serious version of himself, though he doesn’t let transcendence overpower the show or its sexy party spirit. He slid the synthesis of all this into a reading of the poem “There’s Nothing Around”: “The arch, the eyelashes, the pupils, the fibula, the tibia, the noses and mldr; the clitoris (applause), the soul, the titillation. This is my homeland,” he recited at the time he was The Royal Albert Hall was already falling apart On account of “Song of Magdalena”, “19 Days and 500 Nights”, “Princess”, “With You” or “Wedding Nights / And They Gave Us Ten”, which made us understand that “Show” like maybe someday it will end, but not yet .

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