Russia-Ukraine war, live: latest news on the conflict today

Catch up on the latest live news on the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as the role of all international actors in the conflict today.


He will meet Pope Viktor Orban in Hungary today, one day after he met with the Ukrainian Prime Minister

The pope will travel to Hungary on Friday, just a day after his half-hour meeting in the Vatican with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. The pope is set to meet again with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the EU leader most critical of Russian sanctions, in what will be his pontiff’s second visit to the country, which shares a 136-kilometre border with Ukraine.

Last Sunday, Francis encouraged the faithful to pray for a journey to central Europe where “the icy winds of war continue to blow.” The Pope did indeed travel to Hungary in September 2021 to preside over the closing Mass of the International Eucharistic Conference in Budapest, but this short visit of a few hours was not considered an official visit to the country. For his part, Orban traveled to the Vatican at the end of 2022 to attend the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

On his 41st Apostolic Journey, outside Italy, Francis will visit a country with a Catholic majority, despite years of communist rule, and will follow in the footsteps of John Paul II, who visited the country twice, after the fall of communism, in 1991, and a few years later, in 1996. During During these two visits, he was able to visit the Marian sanctuary in Mariapoc, city of Debrecen, where he participated in an ecumenical ceremony with Protestants and Orthodox in a Calvinist church, and the thousand-year-old Pannonhalma Abbey.

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Putin urges the creation of museums dedicated to the Ukrainian war

President of Russia , Russian President Vladimir Putinapproved a series of cultural initiatives, including the establishment of Museums dedicated to the “special military operation”is a euphemism for Moscow referring to the war in Ukraine.

In doing so, the president approved the “list of instructions” after this meeting, which was held with the youth audience and national organizations at the beginning of February, about three months ago, according to the Kremlin in a statement.


Ukraine is active air alert across the country

Ukraine activated Air Alerts Throughout its territory, on a night that left many parts of the country, including Kiev, bombed. In the capital, the authorities reported this Air defenses are working, after activating the alarm at 3 am (local time). They also asked citizens to stay in shelters until further notice.


The United Nations remains concerned about the shipment of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine

Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General of the World Organization, Farhan HaqI realized the concern of the United Nations after learning that the United Kingdom had begun to do so Sending depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine.

“We are concerned about its spread by any country in the world,” he admitted when asked by reporters, adding that “our concerns remain.”


The death toll rose to five after the overnight bombings across Ukraine, including a child

a A woman and a three-year-old child died In the early hours of Friday morning in the Dnipro region after continuous bombing throughout the night in Ukraine. As confirmed by the mayor, Boris Filatov, these two people died after “precision attacks” by Russian militants.

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In addition, the spokesman for the state police in the central Cherkasy region reported this A rocket hit a residential building in the city of Uman, leaving at least three dead and eight injured, who are being treated in district hospitals.


Kiev and other Ukrainian cities came under rocket attacks early in the morning

It informed the Ukrainian authorities on Friday Russian night attacks on Kyiv and other citiesThis caused at least two deaths in Dnipro and forced the activation of anti-aircraft defense in the capital. In Kiev, Ukrainian forces shot down 11 cruise missiles launched from strategic bombers, as well as two drones, causing no casualties or serious damage.

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