Russia makes its first progress in three months

Russian forces have made small gains in eastern Ukraine, according to the latest reports British intelligence report This Friday, though, it continued to recede in the south, as the occupied Kherson authorities demanded to speed up evacuations to Russia.

According to British intelligence, forces led by the Russian private military company Wagner Group captured the villages of Optyine and Ivangrad, south of the city of Bakhmut, in the first such advance in more than three months.

The state of war in Ukraine

Areas controlled by Russia

The areas reclaimed by Ukraine

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state of war

in Ukraine

Areas controlled by Russia

The areas reclaimed by Ukraine

Don’t fly a plane

through airspace

Ukrainian Saved

Russian tools

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Ukraine launched its counter-attack in late August on Russian forces that had occupied the country since the start of their invasion in February, forcing them back to the northeast and putting them under severe pressure in the south.

Ukraine’s main target is Kherson, one of four partially occupied Ukrainian provinces that Russia claims to have annexed in recent weeks, and may be key to the outcome of the war.

Defenders Day

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised on Friday his army’s victory over Russia during Defender of the Country Day, which is being celebrated for the first time in light of the Russian invasion, which began about eight months ago.

“On October 14, we thank … all who fought for Ukraine in the past, all who fought for it now, who won in the past and who will certainly win now,” Zelensky said in a video.

The Ukrainian leader laid a bouquet of flowers in front of a memorial in the capital, Kyiv, in honor of soldiers killed on the front lines since 2014, when the war against pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow began in Donbas in eastern Ukraine. . country.

He stressed that “our people (…) are fighting for their right to life” and for their “independence” from Russia. “The world is with us more than ever before. This makes us stronger than at any time in history,” he said, referring to the aid provided by the West.

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