Russia claims to have prevented a “terrorist attack” with drones and “unmanned boats” against Crimea

The Russian government claimed that on Sunday it prevented an attack by drones and “semi-submersible boats” on the Crimean city of Sevastopol – which was annexed in 2014 – in what it called an “attempt by the Russian government”. Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack ‘.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense had indicated in a statement on its Telegram account that the Russian forces “dismantled” an attack by seven drones and two semi-submersible unmanned boats, before determining that two of the air bombs “were destroyed by the air defense systems in the Black Sea, at a distance great coast.”

He explained that “five other drones were eliminated by means of electronic warfare and crashed without reaching their targets,” before adding that the boats “were discovered and destroyed by normal weapons fire from protection ships in the northern part of the Black Sea.” “There are no casualties or damages as a result of the disjointed terrorist attack,” he said.

Not long ago, the Crimean governor, Mikhail Razvojev, noted in his Telegram account that eight drones had been destroyed and confirmed that the Russian Navy, “in cooperation with the air defense forces,” repelled an “attack by enemy drones.” Against Sevastopol ».

The governor of Sevastopol described the attack as “massive and protracted”, although he assured that there was no damage and that “now the city is quiet and everything is calm”. The Ukrainian authorities did not pass judgment on what happened.

Sevastopol, home to the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and Crimea in general, It is a prominent target of the Ukrainian forcesWhich uses drones and missiles to hit Russian targets. In 2014 Russia announced the annexation of the peninsula, a measure criticized and rejected by the international community.

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