Russia accuses Ukraine of trying to kill Putin with a drone strike

In the past hours, Russia launched its third barrage of night attacks on Ukraine in the past six days. For its part, Kiev forces attacked various targets on Russian soil using unmanned aerial vehicles. The most destructive caused a huge fire, which was not put out, at a fuel depot near Taman Port, in the area Krasnodaropposite the Kerch Bridge.

On Wednesday, the Kremlin accused Ukraine of attempting to assassinate the Russian president. Russian President Vladimir PutinUsing two drones, while confirming that both devices targeted the Russian presidential residence, without Kiev ruling the matter.

“The Kiev regime made an attempt to attack the Russian president’s residence in the Kremlin tonight,” he said, before noting that Putin was unharmed and continuing to operate normally. He stressed that “the Russian president was not harmed as a result of this terrorist act.”

Russian drones also hit a Ukrainian oil factory in the Kirovograd region, in the town of Kropivnytskyi, according to the head of the local military department, Andrei Raikovich, who confirmed that there were no casualties. Over the past night, several regions of Ukraine, including Kiev, were subjected to another massive attack, the third in less than a week, though this time not with missiles, but with Iranian-made kamikaze planes. Martyr 136say the Ukrainian authorities.

26 witnesses

In Kiev, the authorities said that the anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down all the drones, without specifying how many. For its part, the Ukrainian Air Force specified that they are 26 witnesses Of those who participated in the raid, 21 of them fell, seven of them in the Dnipro region. One of the packages, however, reached an official building, the head of the regional military administration, Sergey Leshak, reported via Telegram. The building caught fire, but without causing deaths or injuries.

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In Kherson, however, civilians were less fortunate, as Russian drones struck the only functioning hypermarket, killing three and injuring five. in TokarevkaLocal police, citing Ukrainian agencies, said a man was killed in the Kherson region, too, when a martyr exploded in his yard. Mykolaiv region has also been the target of attacks. Its governor, Vitaly Kim, said that two drones were detected, one was shot down and the other fell on the banks of the Dnieper River, near the town of Ochakov, in the small town of Kotsrup, where a fire broke out. Private house, although there is no need to regret the fatal consequences.

Meanwhile, firefighters are extinguishing a fire at a fuel depot in the vicinity of Taman (Krasnodar). Russia’s TASS news agency confirmed, citing sources from the emergency services, that the attack was carried out by a drone, possibly a Ukrainian. The TASS interviewer confirmed that “a tank fire with petroleum derivatives on the territory of JSC Tamaniftegaz occurred as a result of a drone crash,” stressing that there were no casualties. Krasnodar authorities confirm that the fire does not pose a danger to residents and there are no plans for evacuation.

Likewise, Ukrainian aircraft hit Russian fortifications in the Belgorod region, with one hit, and hit a military airfield in the neighboring Bryansk region, both on the border with Ukraine. According to the Baza Telegram channel, one An-124 was damaged. Apparently, five Ukrainian drones took part in the raid and no casualties were reported. Also in Bryansk, on May 1 and 2, the railway suffered two explosions with homemade bombs. In both cases, as a result of the explosions, freight trains consisting mainly of tankers were derailed.

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