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Radio and television in Spain asked Twitter to withdraw the new tag it had imposed in your accountsGovernment-funded media. The Twitter accounts for RTVE, RTVE Noticias, RTVE Comunicacion y Participación, and RTVE Play all have this qualification: “RTVE Corporation has asked Twitter to withdraw the label “Government Funded Intermediary” which, in its case, is replaced by “Publicly Funded Medium” ​”, as stated in a statement issued by RTVE. This designation is what the chain now owns British BBC.

A few days ago and at the request of Elon Musk, owner of Twitter since October, the network began applying the label “state media outlet” to other public media, which until then had only been applied to Russia Today or a Chinese agency. Until then, editorially independent media such as the BBC or American PBS and NPR were exempt from similar qualifications. The initial Twitter hashtag for these English-language channels was “funded by government”, which RTVE now owns. Musk then agreed to move into “public funding”.

The BBC continues to tweet under this new label, but the American NPR and the Canadian PBS or CBC refused and temporarily suspended their activity on the social network. RTVE has not yet made any further decision until hearing Twitter’s response to its request. “RTVE has conveyed to Twitter its total disagreement with the social network’s unilateral decision to include the ‘government-funded media’ label on the company’s accounts,” says the statement from the Spanish chain. “These labels on the RTVE Twitter accounts are false and go against the very essence of Radiotelevisión Española. The institution reiterates editorial independence as one of its hallmarks. RTVE is a public medium that is financed through general budget allocations approved by Parliament, as well as two other private sources of funding. Law 17/ 2006 ″ The editorial independence and independence of the employees of the institution by the government or any body or representative of the public administration.

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With Musk it’s hard to negotiate these kinds of labels. CBC Canadians has been given their own label of being “70% government funded”. When there were complaints that that number was “lower,” Musk responded with “generosity” and a new tag, which still applies: “69% half is government funded.”

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