Rossio 2023 schedule and activities

For those who don’t know, rosio pilgrimage, It is a celebration that takes place on the weekend of Pentecost in Huelva, specifically in the village of Almonte Món May 26-29. The festival is full of religious character, as its goal is to honor its patron saint, the Virgin of El Rocio.

What it really consists of is in 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, the eve of Pentecost, displayed in front of the sanctuary in order of seniority Associated Brotherhood. As the day goes on, the other Brotherhood pass until they arrive at night where the newly created Brotherhood is introduced.

Next, we explain Flight schedule and itinerary For what will be the pilgrimage of Rossio.

Friday 26 May

The pilgrimage officially begins on Friday, May 26th at 6:00 PM Reception of affiliated brothers Before the Matrix Brotherhood, in Nitra Campus. Sra. del Rocío. Both brothers’ performances will be presented at a time when the cars shout Viva! To the Virgin in Songs of Seville.

Saturday 27 May

At 12 noon, A.J Brotherhood show. This year the Virgin is presented with the older fraternity, starting from the Confraternity of Villamanrique de la Condesa up to Valencia. Later, where the sprinklers pass through Hermitage El Rocio, It concludes with the famous prayer of the Holy Rosary directed by the oldest brotherhood, the Matriz.

Sunday 28 May

This day opens with the Pontifical Liturgy, at ten in the morning, at ten in the morning Royal of El Rocio. The most exciting thing about it is that it will be accompanied by the Fraternity Choir and the Symphony Orchestra of Puebla del Rio. As soon as this work is done, at 20:00 there will be a Mass for two balls and Drummers.

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Monday 29 May

This day is the one that usually generates the most excitement among the rocieros, since the people of Almonte lThey’ll take the virgin On the shoulders where you will see the Sembikado of the prominent Brotherhood.

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The departure of the Virgen del Rocío procession begins with the Prayer of the Holy Rosary at 12:00, when all the Associate Confraternities will participate in a procession through the streets of El Rocío. The Brotherhood presents a major address before the Virgin And when Almonte arrived, the last to do so, he jumped the fence, a tradition that originated in 1975, when Two people from Almonte spontaneously jumped over the fence.

main function

The main mission of the institute headed by the Bishop of Huelva, Santiago Gómez, will be held at Sunday May 21st at 9:00.In the chapel, and Brotherhood of the Matrix A profession of the Catholic faith will be declared, in which the vow of Mary’s spiritual motherhood, which was agreed upon by the people of the Monte in 1961, will be renewed. After that and completion, I pray the Rosary Headed by the Matrix Brotherhood.

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