Rosario Villagos wins Brave Bookstore with a literary autopsy of a ’90s teen

From the cover of the winning book Abstract Library Award Shows us a belt narrowing the female abdomen. He is physical educationIt is a novel by Rosario Villagos (Córdoba, 1978) that won the Jury Prize Failed Monday stood out for exploring “private identity through the body” and collecting “a generational feeling,” simultaneously transforming it into a unique and universal experience.

The novel, set in the 1990s, reflects in the third person what seems like a first person, the feelings of Catalina, who has just turned 16, in a moment that may seem trivial, but decisive for her. She got into a mishap with a friend’s father while she was spending the day at her house, the night fell and she was late to arrive at the time agreed upon by her very strict parents, so she finds herself in circumstances where she had to resort to the very dreaded and forbidden hike. Beside A new little red hood, Catalina faces the fears her parents have created for her Considering that becoming a woman is very problematic. “Catalina does not want to be raped or eaten, or appear in parts in a hole, but she also does not want to adapt her life to the wolf when she senses that, like God, he can be anywhere,” the protagonist reflects.

Bad information, worse education

physical educationIn the novel, she depicts adolescence at that moment as being A series of errors associated with misinformation On our bodies and one Lack of actual education. A training associated with accepting the systematic violence towards the woman’s body, which is viewed with resignation and without questioning it. The veil on the cover is the grand metaphor: a real dress that Catalina’s mother, the daughter of a proletarian family, forces her to wear which makes the girl feel dissatisfied with Her body is unlike any of the magazine models. “There is a lot of talk about the little emotional education that men have and we see that they try (at least) to address that, but there is hardly any talk about the physical education of women. And I wanted to know where all this modesty and all this ignorance came from, what not to stop us From recognizing a penis painted on the wall, but it keeps us from knowing what your vulva looks like, the author has said.

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Winning Novel for Brave Library It will appear on March 8th. It will be Villagos’ fourth book. The author has also worked in the music, film and culture industries and to date has published in two independent publishers (Menoslobos and Aristas Martinez). This award would be a leap to her greater visibility, as she maintained a dual profile as a writer and illustrator. His debut was precisely with comedy Facewritten and illustrated by her, tells the story of a teenager who has lost her facial features.

The Biblioteca Breve, made up of Pilar Osamio, Per Gemferer, Inés Martín Rodrigo, Isaac Rosa, and Seix Barral label editor Elena Ramírez, costs €30,000.

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