Rosalia | General “Motomami”: Rosalía’s phenomenon, in 10 keys

This Saturday, March 18th, is One year from launchMotomamithe third album by Rosaliaa record that led to a subversive phenomenon in pop, Fusion of flamenco, latin and avant-garde electronics, with an unprecedented international projection for a Spanish artist. 365 climbs her powerful and fast motorcycle created by the Catalan star and who has taken her around the world to present her work in a theatrical show in line with her music: innovative.

All this has made her an impressive global brand as she moves with her amazing nature in the digital world, presenting herself as close and familiar and also, of course, in love. Twelve months later, we’ve rounded up the Miracle Keys.

1. “Motomami” Internet Party

“Motomami” is the subversive album and the way it is presented as well. The concerts in the tour of the third album of Saint-Esteve Ceserofire are an audiovisual experience that imbibes, in a very clear way, from the culture of the Internet, that space (social networks) in which the Catalan moves in such a natural way that it makes it earthy on stage, surrounded by vertical screens (as the audiovisual dictates dominated by the mobile phone), she is accompanied by a photographer who is chasing her. Close-ups, incomplete, normal. He even went as far as using a device to record himself in selfie mode. Another element of the internet is evident in the show: the luminous masks she and her dancers wear inspired by Instagram filters.

2. Viral promotion of “Motomami”

Rosalia It is native and handles the tokens currently being requested by the internet. And he knows how to play nicely with the digital world to promote his work. The use of TikTok and the small previews it shows to build anticipation before launch is good evidence of this. The perfect example is the song Despechá, which he had to publish in haste after he performed a part on tour and it had already become a summer anthem before its official premiere: the tiny moment in which it went viral on the net was enough.

3. More awards for Rosalía

The version of “Motomami” started breaking listening records during the early days of its life. Critics from all over the world applauded wildly. And in February, Rosalía won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Alternative Album for the song “Motomami”.a distinction he actually earned with El mal querer years ago. Recognition cements her in the Yankee sky, in the global industry. Perhaps as a challenge, if it were up to her, all she’d have to do was force her capitulation at the Academy and have them sit at the “Record of the Year” table, just under the illusion of Spanish-language music.

4. “Motomami” International Criticism

Never before has an album by a Spanish artist been so internationally acclaimed as Motomami, It was announced as one of the three best films of 2022 in The New York Times which made headlines for a very diverse label: from Britain’s Rolling Stone to Britain’s New Musical Express, and from Pitchfork to France’s Les Inroucoibles. the best-rated album (94 out of 100) on Metacritic. And something similar in Spain.


It didn’t take long for Rosalía to tap into its power beyond music: alliances with Coca-Cola, with which it launched its Move flavor, and with Lancôme in its La vie est belle fragrance. Follow him Agreement with Barcelona and Spotify to make the “Motomami” shirt At “moderate” prices (399.99 and 1999.99 euros). Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like that Rihannawho almost forgot that she is a singer.

6. “Motomami” Permanent Tour

Motomami World Tour has started since July 6, 2022 (premier show in Almeria) It deteriorates halfway around the world, from the Americas to Europe. This weekend Rosalía will perform at the Lollapalooza Festival in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, an extension of the ‘tour’ that will bring her to Primavera Sound and other mega fairs, such as the Danish show from Roskilde. And without stopping publishing songs (Lim’s last song).

7. An army of “believers”

“The motomami takes care of the other momamians.” Someone took out a banner with this slogan on the 8-M website and Rosalía retweeted it. This gesture is an example of the image you’re showing, and it’s a combination of two previously exclusive things: She is an international star but also a close relative. Motomami also mixes two seemingly contradictory concepts – motorcycle and mother, strong and vulnerable -, surely because Rosalía has understood that the ‘zeitgeist’ of 2023 has more to do with sisterhood and care than with competition.

8. The family is in the middle

The break is with Principal Rebecca Lyon After six years of resounding success, this comes as no surprise. Family is important to Rosalia, Both creatively and in business: There’s his grandmother and nephew on the album’s teariest song, “G3N15,” while his mother, Pilar Topila, He is solely responsible for Motomami SL, the company created in 2019 to manage the business. His sister villa bailey, Who is responsible for part of her clothes, always accompanies her.

9. With a Versace tracksuit (and Bershka)

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Rosalía’s influence was felt in all layers of fashion: from the most exclusive catwalk shows (He was the star of the latest Louis Vuitton show in Paris) to the biker jackets Zara brought in, Bershka sportswear that leaves the belly button in the air or the next H&M collection, which for now will only arrive in the United States, Mexico and England. Far from becoming a hanger for luxury brands, it continues to bet on independent and local designers such as Yolancris, Palomo Spain, Dominnico or Pepa Salazar.

10. To celebrate Ya Rao

he Motomami first year Completed on Saturday but celebrated next Friday with new music: A three song EP with his partner, Rauw Alejandro. A collaboration his followers had clearly been clamoring for for some time. However, they always warned that the moment should come and happen without being forced. Since they made their relationship public, the Catalans and Puerto Ricans have fed each other and acquired the ‘modern couple’ ‘status’, something they have automatically assumed by living intensely courtships, public outings, intimate scenes and some. that the other party.

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