Rosalía and Rao Alejandro broke off their relationship, according to People magazine

Rosalia His partner is also a singer and producer Ro Alejandrohave broken off their relationship, according to the magazine the people. The American publication learned through its sources that, Despite the affection they both continue to profess, the two agree to end their engagement.

The news broke on Tuesday afternoon, when comments about the possibility of this rupture did not stop appearing on social media and just a day after the artist from Saint-Esteve Cess Rovers posted… mail On Instagram, where he bid farewell to his latest album tour, MotomamiAnd spread out Thank God for her family, team, and fans but not for whoever was so far her boyfriend..

The two musicians, both 30, made their relationship public in 2021, and since then mutual references and expressions of their affection have been common in appearances and in posts on both’s networks, which make up One of the most popular couples Job offer.

On March 24th of this year, with the release of a video for one of their three songs together, KissRosalía and Rauw Alejandro announced their engagement with a gorgeous ring and “all mascara smudged in here.”

Rao restored his “faith in masculinity”

When the relationship between the two began, Rosalia’I have lost faith in masculinity“But he met Rauw Alejandro” and That’s changed”, admitted the Catalan artist in an interview with the couple in March with streamer I was going to Janus.

“The men around me were ’emotionally unavailable’,” she said in a caption. Remember his relationship with C. Tangana. “With you it was the first time I didn’t feel that. I felt you were so fearless about loving and being loved. You surprised me. It took me a while to lower my guard,” RRAnd composed by KissAnd Vampiresconsidered by the music magazine Rolling stones As one of the best games of 2023 so far, And Prepare.

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Fans have already alerted that both artists have stopped tagging the other on their social and recent networks I like Puerto Rican to Catalan-related content, he gave it to a fan’s tweet on July 11: “Rosalia is such a tough muse that the best RA comes after starting his relationship with her.”

During that period, he released three albums: vice versa (2021), Saturn (2022) and Saturn Beach (2023). I left the planetary public at his feet with Motomami which closed in Paris last weekend. Rauw and Rosalía, in this retrograde Venus, no longer need those kisses that have been given.

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