Rosa Monteiro, Santiago Oseron and Javier Camara among the Gold Medals of Merit in Fine Arts

The Council of Ministers approved the awarding of a total of 33 gold medals for merit in the fine arts corresponding to the year 2022, and among its laureates are the writer Rosa Montero, the Miura cattle rancher, the musician Santiago Osirón, the actor Javier Camara or, after his death, the director and former Minister of Culture Jose Guirao.

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In addition to the Spanish Academy in Rome, the painter Augusto Ferrer-Dalmão, the singer Concha Boyca, the music producer Jesús Lopez, the cook María José San Román, the circus artist Miss Kay, the journalist Rosana Torres, the editor Teresa Font, the artist Carlos Leon or the actress Carmen Elías or his orchestra Bilbao Symphony Accordion.

Also architect Pachi Mangado, singer-songwriter Luis Pastor, writer Manuel Rivas, stage director Mario Gas, painter Mirazo, craft designer Tomás García Ali, choreographer Rocío Molina, school Taller de Músics, singer María Jimenez Special Collection of Underwater Activities of the Guard The Civilian (GEAS), the painter Pedro Cano, the actor Cara Eligalde, the singer LOL, the arranger Carmen Moreau, the artistic arranger Carmen Jimenez, the music producer Guy Mercader and the singer Victor Manuel.

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