Rooney: The best way to compete with Saudi money is to bring Messi

sThe second-highest goalscorer in England’s history, surpassed only by Harry Kane, the Englishman with the second-most caps for the national team, The second best scorer in the history of the English Premier LeagueThird senior assistant… Wayne Rooney is a legend Modern football. Now, the Brit is training D.C. United In the United States, it is a league that “has the potential to become one of the best.” This is what the former Manchester United player said in an extensive interview with him the athlete.

The pleasure of owning Messi, Busquets, Jordi Alba And other players in the league attract attention, ”says Rooney at a time when, after the words of Cristiano Ronaldo, the debate was over whether the North American League or the Saudi League was better. What better way to show you can compete with the rich Saudis than to bring in Messi?argues the Brit who hopes the Argentine’s arrival at Inter Miami will have a direct impact on the growth of the MLS.

Manchester United and Glazer

The striker, who trained at Everton, became a legend at Manchester United where he spent 13 years. There he lived the best years of the era leading by orders of Ferguson. If there is a respectable opinion about the “Red Devils”, it is the opinion of the current head coach of DC United. “There was a huge improvement. Some good signings and good players with experience. They are competing with one of the best teams in history.Lol, Manchester City. “United are in the league again and I think they are on the right track, although there is still a lot of work to do,” said the former striker.

They are competing with one of the best teams in history, Manchester City.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Mancuniano club is the potential sale by the Glazers. American owners have seen Old Trafford rise up against them on several occasions to demand their departure. Ronnie thinks that, “Even though they’ve been successful, it’s likely reached a point where fans want a change.”. The Manchester United legend understands the fans but also wants recognition for some of the current owners’ work. “They need excitement again. Not just in the first team, but in developing the academy. I’m sure that They will get the recognition they deserve for the work they have donebut also criticism from the fans who will never realize what they’ve done to the club.”

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Rashford could break my goalscoring record

The arrival of my case “9”, De Gea and Maguire

One of the items the team is looking for You have a pilgrim Looking ahead next season, it’s a World Class ‘9’ that will give them that crucial jump. However, Ronnie has a name in mind that could fulfill the role. Rashford could be United’s franchise player. He had a great season. His challenge now is to do this for the next five, six, seven years and take his legacy to another level. He is an easy player You could break my scoring record.”the former soccer player ventured.

However, the arrival of a pure striker would allow Marcus Rashford to start in his preferred position, the left wing. One of the names most historically associated with United is Harry Kane The Tottenham player would be the “perfect player” for Rooney, although he admits his team is complex. “Maybe Harry feels that and knows there are trophies to be won abroad. He did everything he could to try for Tottenham. Now it’s time to go and he looks ready for it.” reassured the US team technician.

The best thing for Maguire right now is to leave the team. The coach doesn’t trust him

On the other side of the field, there are also problems in this transfer market for the ‘Red Devils’. De Gea has already left and Maguire appears to be close. Regarding the Spaniard, Rooney suggests it is the “right time” for him to go. Regarding the issue of the English central defender and his coach pulling the controversial bracelet, Rooney is clear. “It shows that the coach doesn’t trust him. This leaves Harry in a position where he is considering leaving. I’m sure Maguire wants to leave to play and be successful.. The former Briton concluded that the best thing now was for him to leave the team.

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