Rojana’s third prize was awarded to Francisca Saquillo by Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba

Francisca Soquillo It was granted Rojana’s third prize “Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba”. The jury, presided over by Elena ValencianoHe considers his professional life to be linked to the values ​​of commitment, dialogue, consensus or the ability to reach agreements that the Felipe González Foundation wants to recognize. an act of homage to Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba Rojana’s award will be presented on June 12th Student residence gardens in Madrid.

Sauquillo is lawyer. He devoted his life to Advocating for social issuessince it was first launched Spanish Neighborhood Association In the Palomeras Bagas neighborhood of Madrid, in the district of Vallecasin 1965. Founder and current Honorary President of the NGO Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Freedom (MPDL). She was a regional deputy, senator and member of the European Parliament. She has many books, articles and papers on disarmament, peace, human rights and conflict resolution through negotiation, Humanitarian aidor cooperation for emigration or emigration feminist movements.

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“When the winds of polarization and political confrontation blow, the Felipe Gonzalez Foundation wants to be honored with the Rojana Prize Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, The value of dialogue, harmony and commitment to democracy and the rule of law. Paca Sauquillo represents everything we want to reward and goes above and beyond: the struggle for the most disadvantaged, solidarity, feminism and the defense of peace. A life in the service of the best human values ​​that deserve all respect, appreciation and applause.” Elena Valenciano, Chairman of the jury

Along with Elena Valenciano, María González Romero, Jaime Lisavetsky, Jozo John Imaz, María Dolores Gorostiaga, José Antonio Zarzalejos, José Enrique Serrano and former Rojana Award winners Alfredo Pérez formed Rubalcaba and José María Pérez. The jury and the singer Juan Manuel Serrat.

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