Rigoberta Bandini says goodbye “for a long time”

When the whole world threw the knife and anxiety settled among the uncertainty and the screen settled, a voice whispered from John Fante’s novel on the other side: Hi, I just want to say hello. Fear was stuck in a country’s throat and its song called to name it and dance to the beat of a hymn in the making: In Spain we call it loneliness. Rigoberta Bandini He predicted it from the start: “I love music that makes you cry and dance at the same time.” And this motto has always been his signature.

That summer as she wandered on the Freedom Wire, Paula Repo (Barcelona, ​​1990) gave birth to a son and a different alter ego: Rigoberta Bandini sewed wings to her last dream and sang to Paula “We ain’t leaving this party.” Sure, the former answered him. that she was born a “whore”, without leashes or muzzles, But neither of them imagined that thousands of followers would bark this collective catharsis in chorus at the gates of Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi.

And they also might not have guessed the indie singer who sang down to earth and spiritual, Correlating lysergic excursions of MDMA with insight By the highways of self he would leave months later as one of the favorites for Eurovision.

In Spain we say “what the hell am I doing”, Rigoberta will admit that Paola told her. But Nobody can stop me from barkingPaula will admit that Rigoberta told her.

And nudity faded and they looked at each other, with that deep inside-out cry in ma-ma-ma echo, as a continuation of female dog, Giant boob pose on the Turin stage at the closing ceremony of the Benidorm Festival, claiming the strength and beauty of the female body In true Delacroix style.

Many pointed stars

A multi-pointed star is born under her name, with ultraviolet and electric rays forming a constellation of saturated songs, not very broad, but luminous and full of effects, which pierce the heart, mimicking its rhythm. The artist herself records her style using a resource “black noise”which denotes four kicks per measure equal to 130 bpm (beat per minute) and so in time with the heartbeat.

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So Bandini admitted in his first book RigoTalk on his YouTube channel, which he shared with her The singer is also C. tangana, Contemporary of the one in barcelona and partly responsible for the spread of In Spain we call it loneliness Those days of confinement

But this throbbing dance also evokes the heartbeat from the mother’s womb–you who bound your body so well to my head–giving that atavistic pedestal to the universe of Bandini, As a song from the core it always indicates, between steely burlesque and electronic party, a celebration of the body, freedom and love.

His method of braiding melancholy and berio, with a postmodern aesthetic that intersects with the airs of Franco Battiato, the leather of Gigi D’Agostino, the sounds of ABBA, the classics of Mocedades and the homage to Monica Naranjo, opens the latitudes of your planet to all ages and all the women on your doorstep.

Last October, the artist repackaged Songs from Her Skies on her first record release, which she called La Emperatriz, perhaps because it brought together all the mirrors of her inner empire. For great songs like Julio Iglesias, Let Christ Come Down, So Danced As for See what happens added I love songs for you and me, that life is a garden and its logo of the same namelike a fairy tale among the heavenly songs you say goodbye to as “La Rigo, your trusted priestess.”

But his reign abroad is highlighted in the series of concerts that toured the Spanish geography in the last quarter of 2022, which included a stop in the Canary Islands as part of the Arena Negra Festival, in Fuerteventura, in November, and which revolutionized with two WiZink Center in Madrid and another at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi, which are full.

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His closeness and naturalness on stage, his gradual domination of the stage surrounded by his new dance troupe and chorus girls—among them, his cousin and loyal squire Belen Barnes, AKA Memé, and comedian and musician Esteban Navarro, AKA Rigoberto And the artist’s emotional partner, in production and on keys, wraps up a visual about songs that were really flying by themselves.

“little to pussy”

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After a storm hits the sky, Rigoberta loses sight of Paola in the clouds. Crown Weight is also nostalgic for beach picnics and the almond-shaped Magnum sings in party. Because mirrors are also depleted when there is a lack of distance in relation to the image. The public elevated Rigoberta to the status of empress, but Paola had to turn off the music “for a long time,” as she revealed last summer in Resistance“Because I’m a little tired of some things.” He did not promise a return ticket, but endorsed the immortality of his songs, a musical nod from feminist demonstrations to discos and his private rooms.

Last Friday he gave the last gig for empress And this primitive and meteoric phase of Rigoberta Bandini in the Pavilion of Principe Felipe de Zaragoza. Before he took off the crown, he bid farewell with a song of his principles, a lot of medicine, Where, once again, Rigoberta and Paula seem to merge into one line: “I’m leaving,” she sings through tears. “Everything is fine, because it has always been fine. And he’ll be fine.”

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