Right to withdraw from the claim

Last night the Three Wise Men distributed gifts to millions of Spanish homes. Despite the help of dozens of voluntary pages, it is possible that their Eastern Majesty made the wrong size or model. In these cases, some tips should be observed. First of all, he asked the Consumers and Users Union (CECU) to differentiate between defective products And those who “Not defective, but we want to exchange or return it”.

3 years warranty

In the first case, it must be remembered that by law you own all products purchased in a physical or online store 3-year warranty (1 year if used). It is the period during which the seller is responsible for any defects that may be “and are not due to misuse by the consumer”. At this time, remember from the CECU, the consumer can choose betweento repair or replace the product Unless it is impossible and the business owner incurs huge costs.

Product changes

If what we want is to change a product that does not have a defect, but which the Kings do not succeed in achieving, it will not be the same if the Majesties buy it in an online store or in a physical establishment. In the first case there Legal right to withdraw allowing returns within 14 days of receipt. It is not necessary to give any reason, although depending on the circumstances of the trade it may be necessary to address shipping costs. The Consumers and Users Union warns that “discount vouchers or the like cannot be imposed by the merchant, if we want to return the money it must be done.”

If purchased in physical residenceThere is no right of withdrawal and you must abide by the store’s return policy. That is, if you create a refund for coupons instead of returns, there will only be this option.

On their part, from the OCU, they also remember that Physical stores are not required to accept returns Unless there is a defect or defect. However, despite the fact that the merchant acknowledges this, the payment may not be in cash but through a redeemable card or voucher.

Save the ticket to claim

From this organization, they also advise Keep your “always” ticket or purchase invoice streamlined To be able to file a claim later. In this sense, remember that all organizations are required to provide complaint forms to their customers.

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