Riccardo Darín: The ‘Galanceto’ who never thought he’d go this far

Do I deserve all of that?Ricardo Darín, the emblematic face of Argentine cinema, has asked himself more than once and this Sunday he is trying his luck again at the Oscars. With Argentina 1985. At 66 years old, the actor and producer still tends to believe he’s gone further than he ever imagined. Darren was once Ricardo. His parents made his acting debut “professionally” at the age of three in a TV series, “Soledad Monsalvo”, in 1960. Seven years later, he took the stage with his family. His teenage grandmother taught theatre. He quickly became a frequent face on underrated TV shows.

Current Darren, the man who embodies the prosecutor in the movie Santiago Miter Julius Caesar Stracera Which condemned the heads of the Argentine military dictatorship, it had its first peak of fame precisely during those years of terror. Imagination takes him back to the time when he started enjoying the lights show in the land of shadows.

Recently people have been speaking softly about the disappeared, and Darren, who quickly appeared in “La fiesta de todos,” an apologetic film about the de facto government, made it to the front pages of newspapers and gossip magazines because of his sudden engagement. . with Susana Jimenez. Nothing short of a former model, actress and occasional actress, 13 years his senior and, at the time, one of the symbols of eroticism overlooked by the 19th century system.

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“It was a scandal,” he would say. In those days, he was also part of a group.galancetus”, a new generation of actors caused the audience to sigh. He participated as a handsome boy in the movie La disco del amorAnd by Adolfo Aristarain. Riqui’s affair with Susie, who at the time was one of the greatest TV divas, lasted until 1987. At the beginning of the next decade, Darren gained more flesh on the screens. From the “Brother-in-law” episode, the family comedy, his work ratings take on another meaning: he’s ceased to be a “little hunk.” You can tell he knows how to behave wellThey say about him.

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The turn-of-the-century gates meant a new life for Darren: one that was more than just a respected and supportive actor at the same time. In the beginning with “Same Love, Same Rain” by Juan José Campanella. Immediately, the famous “Nine Queens” was performed by Fabian Belinsky, in which he embodies the great trickster-swindler. In 2001 he was the hero of the movie “La Fuga” by Eduardo Mignogna. building Darren character My World is directed by Son of the Bride (2001) and The Secret is in Their Eyes (2010), both by Campanella. The second of these films won an Academy Award. Darren, in turn, shone in “Kamchatka” (2002), by Marcelo Pinheiro, one of the other great titles about the dictatorship, “Relatos salvaje’s (2014), by Damian Zifron,” and “Elephant Blanco” by Pablo Trapero. Each film has been allowed to push the boundaries of its versatility. Darren has earned everything that still seems expensive to him.

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