return product | Lidl relives in the catalog the toy that sweeps the little ones every birthday

The Lidl Game Catalog It is one of the most requested things by parents. The supermarket chain offers a wide range of toys of all kinds at very reasonable prices. Their small wooden kitchens were one of The most wanted gifts this Christmas But now a new one has arrived that can carry him.

It is a toy store made of wood that boys and girls can play with Cashiers and supermarket employees for the brand. As stated on its website, this game stimulates imagination, creativity and the ability to take on different roles in a playful way. The store is equipped with all the accessories that the youngest of the house needs to enjoy the store.

includes a cash register With a real calculator function and even a field for signature, as well Swipe card reader Banking services. In fact, the product includes a game card. The store also has the form tillwhich comes with play money included.

He also has Conveyor belt With a hand crank that simulates those normally found at the checkout of the supermarket. Works with batteries and Batteries are included in the product.

Lidl wooden shop also brings, Lots of accessories: Product divider for each customer, display for brochures, plastic cash register with cash drawer, card reader and cardboard banners, card, sign, ten bills, five coins, paper bag and white board.

Game Recommended From 3 years old It measures approximately 75 x 101 x 32 cm (L x W x D) and best of all is its price. This game is available on Lidl for €39.99.

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