Return of the Parthenon | The British Museum confirms its contacts with Greece to recreate the legacy of the Parthenon

The British Museum, which houses one of the most important historical heritage collections in the world, confirmed for the first time its contacts with the Greek authorities for the possibilities. Return of the Balls looted from the Parthenona frequent subject of political dispute since the nineteenth century.

Speculation about a possible imminent deal for Elgin Marbles has been rife in recent days. According to Bloomberg, A exchange agreement Athens would recover the marbles as part of a cultural exchange that would facilitate the loan of other pieces to London.

Sources from the Greek Ministry of Culture denied to Kathimerini newspaper the existence of such an agreement, but what is already official is that there are contacts and that these Progress in a “constructive” wayThe British Museum revealed this Thursday in an unprecedented gesture.

“We have said publicly that we are actively seeking New Alliance on the Parthenon With our friends in Greece,” the British institution explained, what prepares for a “new year” of talks between the two parties, according to the ‘Guardian’.

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The government of Greece has long advocated its desire for the permanent return of the heritage held by the British Museum, while the museum would prefer some kind of intermediate agreement. Indeed, the UK’s executive also stressed in December that it had no plans to reform the law that limits the permanent return of works of art to very exceptional cases.

The Elgin Marbles is one of the main attractions of the British Museum, which also displays other pieces from ancient Greece and other historical cultures such as Egypt.

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