restore | Restaurant’s brutal slashing of a customer who complained he let dogs through: ‘Disgusting…’

The question of many Spaniards is whether Dogs are allowed by law in bars and restaurants in Spain. Answer: It is permissible. In December 2022, Royal Decree 1021/2022 confirmed the right of hoteliers to decide whether or not to allow pets on their premises across the country.

However, in some destinations there are few pet-friendly bars and restaurants, i.e. that allow pets because the CCAAs or city halls have not updated the old ban regulations (Aragon, Melilla, Santander or Pamplona). However, national regulations cover hoteliers who accept clients with pets.

Big discussion, as the saying goes, it never rains to please everyone and even sparks controversy on social networks.

With or against dogs entering restaurants? One user clearly takes issue with the fact that he reported it to the bar itself with a review suggesting they can report permission for dogs to enter the building. An opinion that has been widely criticized for its forms and the bar responds to it with a very explanatory comment.

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With 2 stars out of 5 accompanied by the message: “They let dogs on the premises, it’s disgusting. They can report,” is the comment of an unhappy customer after their experience at the Bambino Café Bar that was echoed by the Twitter Profile @soykamarero.

The innkeeper responds to her with some words that are so appreciated by users of the Blue Bird social network: “Hi Javier, we will tell you, we and we allow dogs in all our workplaces, since they are more pleasant to visit than your kind, to the disgust of those who comment. Thank you to you “.

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