restaurant | Only 12 people can dine every night in this restaurant: €1,500 and avant-garde show

Only 12 diners per night They are the ones who can enjoy eating in said restaurant. sublimation, It is located in Ibiza and is more than the most expensive restaurant in the world. Every night, only 12 lucky people “taste” where the gourmet menu is Designed by Chef 2 Michelin stars Paco Roncero coexists in perfect balance with a showcase of music, design, technology and even magic.

Behind this exclusive restaurant are highly regarded Chef Paco Roncero and Co-Founder and Creative Director Eduardo Gonzalez.

Creative experience

all evening, Dinner enjoys a tailored menu by Chef Paco Roncero as he travels to the bottom of the ocean, to the wonderful country of Oz or to Vibrant Copacabana Beach

If you want to sit at a Sublimotion table You should know that experience has a price 1650 euros per dinner. sublimation It has no Michelin starsbut the chef, Paco Roncero, is He has won two awards for his work In the restaurant-casino Paco Roncero in Madrid. Alcalá, 15. Madrid-.

The 3 most expensive restaurants in the world

1- Sublimation

Spanish restaurant with Headquartered for part of the year in Dubaias we told you, The most expensive in the world-1650 euros -.

2. Per Se

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The second restaurant The most expensive price in the world is managed by Thomas Kellers in New York. Here he proposes different tasting menus (including a vegetarian option). in her kitchen Mixes New York and French inspirationWhich won 3 Michelin stars. ($680 USD)

3- Ultraviolet rays

in Shanghai We find This restaurant has 3 Michelin stars where, daily, Only 10 diners are accepted. innovation At the service accompanies 10-20 dishes that are served. ($570-900 USD)

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