Residents of a Peruvian town bury a thief who was caught stealing up to his neck

The alleged criminal also walked around the city carrying a sign that read, “I will not steal anymore.”

Burial of the alleged criminal rpp screenshot

She has a group of neighbors Buried to the neck An alleged thief in Pueblo Joven San Pedro, in Chimbote, Peru. According to local media reports, Guy tried home entry to He steals What was valuable inside.

But the world press says the man has been seen by a group of neighbors who came to stop him. But they did not beat him, but decided to bury him up to his neck. After digging a hole in the sand. The idea was that he would be like this until the police arrived to arrest him.

Indeed, the neighbors assure that anyone who decides to steal He too will be buried up to his neck Not even the police could save him.

In this case, before his burial, the alleged offender was committed by the townspeople Walk with a sign What did he say “I will not steal anymore.” Later, they reported that security cameras and alarms had already been installed.

Neighbors have appealed to the authorities The place is not desertedAnd increase patrols and forces in the region.

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