Requirements, deadlines, who can order it, and how to order it

this Feb 15th he is back A check for 200 eurostargeting families with fewer resources and normal people Low level of income and wealth to cope with rising inflation. Social Security opens the term on Wednesday so that employees, self-employed or unemployed registered with employment offices who do not receive other social benefits can apply.

According to government estimates, more than 4 million families could benefit from this 200 euro help It is intended for families with income less than €27,000 and reduced assets, less than €75,000 without counting the place of habitual residence.

until the Next March 31st The application will open on the IRS website. The authority will be responsible for verifying that the specific criteria and requirements for the said call are met, and after verifying these data, the applicant will receive an aid of 200 euros in the form of one time payment in your bank account.

Requirements for requesting assistance are 200 euros

The €200 aid is not available to all Spanish citizens. only those People in a situation of economic weakness that meet the following requirements:

  • You have habitual residence in Spain, according to the conditions provided for in Article 9 of Law 35/2006, of November 28, on income tax for natural persons, (staying more than 183 days or the main core of activity in Spanish territory)

  • You have a full income of less than €27,000 per year (calculated if you have received any other benefit or unemployment benefit)

  • The family assets in the home must also be less than €75,000 not counting the place of habitual residence

As stated in the rules of the regulations, “For the calculation, the income and property of the following persons living at the same address shall be added: the beneficiary; the beneficiary; the spouse; , whose income does not exceed 8,000 euros (excluding exemption); and assets up to the second degree by direct line ».

Who can not ask for a help of 200 euros

Likewise, not all citizens will be able to receive this aid of 200 euros even though the above conditions are met. There are certain circumstances that prevent this check from being received:

  • Those applicants who are already receiving a minimum vital income

  • Recipients of pensions paid by the public system and private social security schemes

  • The legal officials of a commercial company that has not ceased its activity as of December 31, 2022

  • Those who live with relatives (domestic partners, ancestors (parents or grandparents) or descendants (children or great-grandchildren) if the total income exceeds €27,000

Deadlines and how to request a 200 euro check

Who is this Feb 15th The request for the €200 check can be submitted through the online office of the State Tax Administration Agency and will be available until the next day March 31, 2023.

The application must be submitted using the electronic form which it will be necessary to have available Cl@ve or electronic certificate that allow the operation to be carried out.

In this form, you must specify the applicant’s bank account into which you want to pay the subsidy. Help will be paid By June 30, 2023.

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