Repsol, Cepsa, BP, Shell … This is how discounts on gasoline remain from April

Several months have passed since the government ended 20 cents per liter of fuelThis assistance made it possible to reduce the spending of Spanish households due to the high price of a barrel of Brent. But since then, gas stations have been waging a price war with the aim of attracting new customers by carrying out sales to replace the extinct government subsidies.

In this sense, gas stations have decided to distance themselves from this war of discounts and have chosen to launch other types of promotions that are limited to a series of conditions and which It will start on the first of April.


From the specified date, the company will replace the said discounts with a series of benefits related to your payment request, wiltwith discounts for customers who have them I contracted some kind of service with the oil company. According to the company, “This innovative offer allows Repsol customers to have a single resource that covers all their energy needs. In addition, they can accumulate Waylet savings of 5 to 20 euro cents per liter of fuel on a permanent basis and 100% of the amount in electric recharging At public points and service stations of the company, depending on the number of energy services.


In the case of Cepsa, the company decided to extend the period of its discounts throughout Easter. ability to obtain A reduction of five cents per liter refueled for conventional fuels and six cents for those in the “optimal” range. However, this promotion will be exclusive to members of the program.Because you are backwhich we can join at any time for free.


On the other hand, Shell has revealed a promotion, implemented at DISA and Shell stations throughout Spain, in which it will deny “Free fuel for one day a monthAs revealed by the company, by refueling, we will gain entry to enter the draw that will take place between the 1st and 5th of the following month. And if we are winners, we will be able to exchange our ticket for adding petrol with the same amount that we got on the day we got our fuel. Participation, up to a maximum of 50 euros.


Finally, BP will continue to 10 cents off until next Sunday, April 2nd. However, the roadmap that the oil company will follow after that date is unknown.

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