Remove all limescale from your bathroom in just one swipe with this tool

House cleaning is a daunting task. Hardly anyone likes to do household chores, but always There are tricks that can be applied to save time and effort When it comes to furnishing your home. In fact, social networks and WhatsApp groups have established themselves as a good niche in it Find tips so you can learn tricks that will make your life easier.

After ironing one of the laziest things to do in a day at home is undoubtedly window cleaning. Very few people have effective tricks in this regard.. We always complain about our crystals getting dirty because we use the wrong cloth or because we buff them.

So the cleaning experts RThey have tricks that can be effectiveLike using rubbing alcohol. It does not require drying and is very easy to use. Just apply it and that’s it. There is no need for a subsequent rag pass. They are all advantages because you save materials and time. And that when it comes to housework he is gold.

Remember that periodically in our decoration section you will find the best hacks to furnish your home for very little money. On many occasions, the key is not just to spend a little money. You also have to know how to invest it well so that the effort will be worth it.

A supermarket with a wide presence in Spain has put up for sale something revolutionary in which you can cleaning process Shower screen effortlessly. It’s kind of cleaner It has a silicone hook that you can place in an easy-to-reach area in the bathroom so that it is always at hand. The mechanism is simple: Once you’ve showered, you go through it (it won’t even take 20 seconds) and all the limescale and water will be removed Which remain on the screen after showering and which in the long term (within a few days) leave dirt that is difficult to remove. in our section of decor And the house (which you can access through this link) we already told you a few days ago about the tricks that you can do to clean the bathroom screen.

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This is the most difficult area for her House cleaning. And if the screen isn’t cleaned well, it shows: It’s one of the shiniest items in the bathroom that keeps limescale on it, and it’s not garish at all. Cleaning should vary depending on whether the screen is plastic or glass. If it is from the first, you can prepare a solution with ammonia, alcohol and water and spray the surface of the fender and rails. On the other hand, if it’s made of glass, the best thing you can use is something you already have in the kitchen: vinegar. Easy, accessible and even cheap. Of course, don’t pour it as is. You should also put it in a boat and spray the screen with spray.

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