Records reviews: Rauw Alejandro, Marta y Micó, Christine and the Queens, Depresión Sonora, Rozalén y Los Aurora

Rao Alejandro, a restless superstar In search of a dimension immeasurable only numerically (“We influence music,” he declares on the superlative single Point 40) , she decided Bringing reggaeton to the new pop galaxy. with an opening Saturnthe title of his third studio album, Puerto Rican takes a brave and determined leap into the universe Which, it is true, has been referred to in recent years as the next conquest of (musical) space. Indeed, this was confirmed by the urban blockbusters – although not only – that added club sounds and electronic dance music.

If there is a reggaeton that makes a strong sound, it makes the earth rumble and is carried into the heat of the earth’s interior, Chameleon Rao Alejandro He imagined a person passing through an unmarked place in the sky and carbonating into the loudspeakers of flying cars. But it does so with (and from) respect for the origin of the species born of experience: in this sense it is worth noting Check Introduced by DJ Playero, a bricklayer and a key figure in popularizing reggaeton, it is present on several tracks on the album.

At 29, the Puerto Rican singer has already gone through the trap of his debut (two mixtape adoption) and has taken steps towards new places since Orthodoxy from reggaeton (you can check its progression from record to record, and from Aphrodisiac a vice versa until today, Saturn).

The album, which was produced by Rauw Alejandro himself — “80% of it,” he says — is filled with synthesizers, movie-like laser sounds, and ’80s video games, as if the base he’d built with his super-success every thing about you He was going to teleport to the futuretell me who is she??? Looks like a solvent heiress. A respectable future formed by the union of genres – from straightforward reggaeton, to Afrobeat, Miami bass, new wave, dancehall…- which is distributed through the album’s 18 tracks. And a future that is, yes, smoother, less surprising, and with little room for fiery attack, with successful exceptions like dejaw.

Rauw Alejandro bases his work on exploiting the romance, mischief, and sensuality that his music represents. Catalan couple Rosaliain Shaggy heart The Puerto Rican released “Girl, What Do You Say?” , an apparent reference to the song Saint-Esteve Scisserofers. Sawakoto imagine? He presents himself as a dizzy and sweet lover. But Saturn He travels through different moods, showing himself to be vulnerable as well far from the skyexplicit in chxxgamos is delicious Or partnering with an archangel in a challenge hunters. In short, he exploits the genre clichés that he has developed and will continue to grow in his music, but he does so with a fresh, wonderful accord in a different world because Rauw Alejandro is moving forward with what his ambition requires: to be a full-fledged pop artist. Ignacy Fortuny

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