Real Sociedad: Oyarzabal: “I want to be the Oyarzabal I was before or even better”

Mikel Oyarzabal will play his first match against Roma on Thursday From the current edition of Europa Leaguee, after missing the group stage Because of the serious injury he sustained almost a year ago. The Real Sociedad star shared with Marca his feelings about playing again, after nearly 10 months without doing so.

Ask. How is Mikel Oyarzabal, almost a year after his serious injury?

Answer. I am very happy and happy to play again. When you’re away, you really appreciate being able to train every day, and having the privilege of doing what you want where you want. My body is now fine and I am trying to get back to how it was before the injury or even better.

Q: It looks like Roma Real are coming to you in good shape.

R. I think I still have room to get back to where I was before, but I feel good and I think I’m on the right track. The team did very well in the group stage, thanks to which we were leaders and we are now on the eve of this confrontation, which I will be able to play, which makes me very happy.

Rome will be difficult, but we will have our options. Mourinho will certainly bring a complicated equalizer, but so will Emmanol

Q: How do I estimate withdrawals?

R. The level of the European League is very high. Manchester United came out a little earlier… Now they are much better than when we played them. Given what we’ve seen, you don’t know if it’s better to qualify first or second and then go ahead to a tie. It’s going to be a complicated tie, but we have our options. Roma, like other Italian teams, knows how to play football well, as well as other football, and they have a top-level coach.

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Q: Jose Mourinho will be on the competition bench. The name says it all, right?

R. Like I said, there isn’t much to say about Mourinho. Everyone knows him and knows the great story behind him. This year he is doing well in Rome, for sure the tie will be very complicated, but for sure Emmanuel will also.

P. I already talked a lot about injury and recovery in the beautiful documentary you did for Real Madrid. Let’s talk from October 4, when he returns to training.

R. I was fine and we tried to see what sensations I had going in with the group. After three or four days, they weren’t doing well and we decided to stop. It was hard, because you see yourself with the team again, you get close to playing again, and you have to stop again and do it yourself, which you didn’t like in the least, because what you missed most during the months was going out day after day from the locker room with everyone.

I had no doubts about renewal at any point, and I didn’t make a mistake, no, but things were clear

Q: She reappeared with Real on December 31, and shortly after that she was in a goal trance again, also against Athletic and in front of the Zabaleta stands.

R. The return day was a very special day, because my family and friends were present and, in addition to being able to play again, they won. And obviously recording again, after so long, was a great feeling.

Q: Your first six matches were six wins, while the team was third.

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R. The team was doing well and the goal was to help everything go well. Now we have a streak where it is not going well for us, but the season in general is very good and if they suggested us at the beginning to be in the position we are in now, I think everyone would sign.

Q: What everyone signed for was his renewal, which had been waiting for almost a month. Did you have doubts about continuing with Real Madrid?

R. I had no doubts about renewal at any point, nor did I put any wrong, but, hey, things were clear. The thing is, when you get injured, you don’t care about it as much. Once you are back, you can do so. Among the players who have scored the most appearances and scored the most goals? I’m excited, but what else is it about scoring goals to help win matches.

heroes? We are awake and we want to continue to exist. Being fourth after that bump says the merit of what this team has done

Q: After you and Aritz signed, lost Merino, Ilara or their generation mates: Zubeldia, Guevara and Ayhin.

R. If it were up to me, we’d all go on forever, because we have a very united group and things are going great. The day David Silva wanted to come to Real Madrid, it was a change for everyone. The comings of David, then Nacho, and now Bryce and Sorloth value the club.

P. With Sevilla below the usual level, is it a chance to get into the Champions League?

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R. Now we are in fourth place, and we want to continue to be there, but there is still a long way to go and everything will be decided in the last five or three matches. Sevilla is lower than usual, but Atletico and Betis are fighting with us, and Rayo and Osasuna are higher than other times, for example. The great advantage of the team is that they managed to keep us very high after a small bump. Let’s see if we can overcome this bad streak and stick to it.

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