Real Madrid: Real Madrid think Liverpool are the biggest contender for Bellingham

Liverpool won’t make it easy if he would be a Real Madrid star in the summer of 2023. team led by Jrgen Klopp was fired to hire Judd Bellingham. The leaders don’t seem willing to fix the expenses in order to wrest the white club’s access from 19-year-old English player That has become one of the sensations of this season.

it’s more, At entity Madrid, we see how the process has become so complex. They launched from Anfield security messages about the signing of the Englishman. They consider that they need the contribution of the Borussia Dortmund player as well as They took the process in search of a victory against Real Madridthe wall they faced on the field (three defeats in head-to-head matches in two finals) and in a signature chomini.

Bellingham doubles to continue to impress Real Madrid

The Runners-up in Europe are having serious problems creating the game during this season. In fact, last summer they actually looked for spinal cord reinforcements, but only faced rejection, starting with the player himself. chominiwho ended up accepting Real Madrid’s proposal.

Real Madrid’s roadmap, no matter what happens with the renewals of the seven players whose contract expires on June 30, will expire.r Strengthen the team little by little. Real Madrid’s leaders know that for a decade they have enjoyed a privileged midfield. Relief is due gradually. cAcimero, Kroos and Modric scored some goals while wearing white. The five heroes attest to this.

Bellingham goal (0-1) against Manchester City 2-1 Borussia Dortmund

Or not Valverde appeared, then Camavinga and the last to arrive was Chuamini. Next in the list responds to the name Jude Bellingham. Fieldwork has been around for a long time and last summer we spoke with the England midfielder’s entourage to find out his intentions. The answer was positive, but always without obligation. It is time to wait for events and carry on with work, as they did with Camavinga first and with Chuamini later.

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Madrid doesn’t put down its arms but it won’t do crazy things

Real Madrid’s wisdom in all these moves has always been the same: “Don’t do crazy things that could jeopardize the club’s economic stability.” From Germany, there is talk of 150 million euros as the price for an operation that with these numbers will be out of the White Club’s reach.

this is This does not mean that Real Madrid is lowering his arms, but I know that the process is starting to be considered very complicated. The qualitative leap for Bellingham, a player who left the Premier League at the age of 16 to grow up at Borussia Dortmund, is unstoppable and although he is tempted to wear white, the reality is that it is an off-market economic offering. History and recent successes are Real Madrid’s great credit in this battle and others.

Bellingham stunt with the bottle: luck, fake or quality?

Bellingham It hasn’t been announced definitively yet, but the atmosphere suggests a close relationship with Liverpool that wasn’t like that a month ago.. It remains to be seen how Real Madrid react and whether the sentiment can match the material.

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