Real Madrid – Osasuna | Copa del Rey final: The sixth league will go to the Europa League after the Real Madrid Cup title.

swith several teams of league Who warned at the end Del Rey Cup I played on the field tonight Charterhouse to Seville. Not surprisingly, knowing how many places European competitions will be played next season will finally be at stake. league. A work team that benefits teams fighting for a continental spot during the domestic tournament.

with triumph real madrid in view of Osasuna (2-1) with a double Rodrigoto be the sixth category of league Both occupy the second place available to our country in European League. Until the fifth night league He played the second and sixth continental championship conference leagueleaving second place in European League for hero Del Rey Cup.

Several teams are competing for seventh place

After winning the title, Team Ancelottiwhich enjoys an almost guaranteed place in Champions Leaguefinally coming in sixth place league person who goes to European Leagueleaving a square conference league VII. Another incentive for teams like Betisthe person who currently occupies this sixth position, or GironaAnd AthleteAnd Beam or own Osasunawhich like Sevillewith 44 points, is only three points behind seventh place.

what is secured Osasuna In tonight’s final match Charterhouse To be able to compete in the next edition of Spanish Super Cupwhich in the format released a few years ago, with four teams, semi-finalists and finalists, had as co-champions and runners-up league And a champion and a runner-up cup.

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