Real Madrid: On the day Ferdinand tried to ‘steal’ Modric from Real Madrid: ‘You have to come to United, for’

Modric He is a reviewer Real Madrid And the Croatia national teamWho will play with him this afternoon against Morocco in the match for third and fourth places in the World Cup Qatar.

Luca arrived at the Bernabeu from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2012But the story could be very different. At least that’s how you remember it Ferdinand RiverThat so tempted him in that market He signed for Manchester United.

“I spoke to him before he went to Real Madrid […] I thought I could sign any player who was available,” Ferdinand V. recalled Five YouTube channel.

I remember talking to Modric and saying, “Are you leaving Tottenham?” And he answered me: yes, I think I’m leaving.


“I spoke to Modric and said: Are you leaving Tottenham?” And he replied, “Yes, I think I’m leaving.” but At the time, he wasn’t sure where he was going. I told him: You have to come to the union, He replied: Yes, I want to be the first Croatian player to play for Manchester United, Can we achieve that? “

He replied: Yes, I want to be the first Croatian to play for Manchester United.


at the end of that summer, Modric finished at Real Madrid. United, as Rio recalls, “I already had something on my hands with another player and they closed the deal Then Modric went to Madrid and the rest is history. […] I never imagined he would do what he did. What a player.

Same with Thiago

Modric wasn’t the only footballer Ferdinand tried to recruit for Manchester United. “I even spoke with Thiago Alcantara, from Liverpool, before he left Barcelona To go to Bayern Munich, and it almost happened, but we signed Fellaini instead.”

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