Real Madrid: Kane and Real Madrid, slowly but surely

theAt arriving Jude Bellingham phases perfectly Planning the work of the sports management of Real Madrid. The transfer proceeded over time and culminated with the season already over. We must add to the English language The return of Fran Garcia and IbrahimIssues developed some time ago and will be closed in the next few days. The next thing to complete is the arrival of the nine. the name of the Harry Kane He is still the person chosen by the White Club for the position. They have never, since Valdebebas, put their arrival on the threshold of simplicity, but they have also put They know that Tottenham’s situation is very different from that of other yearsStarting with the player’s association with the English club, which will end after one year.

he A plan has been in place since before Benzema said goodbye Talk about the arrival of nine young men, not in formation, but a long way to go. The Frenchman’s march to Jeddah changed plans and forced Real Madrid to look for nine immediate playersthat is, nine with weight must be put on the white jersey and Surrender at first exchange and Ken’s name is the name everyone assumes for the economical effort. Of course, do not forget that Endrick will arrive in a year (he will need time to adapt) and that In 2024, Mbappe and Halland’s windows can openComplicated and neglected options market to start in the next few days. And it is that the shadow of the French weighs a lot.

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Kane, the protagonist in presenting the new Tottenham shirt

Spurs situation and Kane’s desire

The English team is not in a good economic position. He needs money and Daniel Levy knows that at the moment the striker could be a lifeline for a club that has been shut out of Europe and who sees its position in the Premier League in jeopardy due to the emergence of the ‘new’ Newcastle and Aston Villa.. The president of the English club knows that his policy in recent years has not been right, in addition to that Harry Kane owe him yet one His refusal to sell the striker to City first and United later.

Ken has a lot to say. He knows he may face his last chance to sign for a trophy-winning team when he turns 30 in a few days.. The England international knows Levy’s pulse isn’t quivering, but the situation is quite different, as it will be a trip outside the Premier League with only a one-year contract. AndReal Madrid is already working on a process that is not easy and contradicts the nature of the latest operations carried out by the White Club.. Now it’s time to wait and see the reaction of the other actors in a suspenseful film and they hope Valdebebas gets a happy ending and a sum close to 80 million euros.

Ancelotti thinks about the possible arrival of Harry Kane

Mariano replacement options

Meanwhile, the leaders of Real Madrid do not stop receiving offers from the strikers in order to replace Mariano. Joselu is still the closest, practical, and most affordable option. Rodrigo Moreno is one of the names of the strikers who arrived at Valdebebas. Leeds relegation, as happened with Joselo with Espanyol, The exit door opens for the former Real Madrid team, who received an offer from the Prime Minister And he is negotiating with other teams in La Liga.

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