Real Betis – Manchester United | Europa League: SAVE: We had chances in the first half but we didn’t take them

AndMexican Andrew saved He jumped onto the grass in the second part with the tie already ruled in favor Manchester United Nor can it contribute much to the failed comeback attempt Rashford With a great goal once the second part begins. This is how the captain of the second batik summed up what happened after the match down on the lawn into microphones. Movistar Champions League.

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“We had chances in the first half to bring the equalizer a bit closer or get a chance. Unfortunately we didn’t take it, and against this kind of opponent, even with the score we got, if you don’t hit the few or the many you have, it’s practically impossible. But I’ll leave proud This match was very difficult, and yet we fought until the end. Now let’s think about LaLiga”.

What were they thinking on the bench

“We were thinking about what could be done, if we had scored a goal in the first half and left with a certain advantage, we felt that would be possible. Because the mood would have been very important and because the people, how they were, how the day came, with the illusion of coming back, he would have paid a lot more than that.” Who knows what would have happened…”.

The team collapsed after Rashford’s goal

“Yes, obviously we knew that coming back meant not conceding a goal. And when they did that to us, the mental effort we put in to face this game was gone. The illusion of being able to come back was lost, but I’m very proud of this team, we’ve had great games, great years, and now We have a league where we are fighting for very big goals like the Champions League and hopefully we can achieve them.”

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to think about the league

“Now we have to explain the point we reached at Villarreal, who was a direct competitor, and that we managed to prevent them from getting close to us, and now at home, the result we got at the end of the season is going to happen a lot between now and the end of the season.”

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