Real Betis – Manchester United | Europa League: Pellegrini: “We lost to a superior team that must have ten times our budget”

Manuel PellegriniTechnical Betislamented in the press room in Benito Villamarn The fateful five minutes last week in Old Trafford which was ultimately decisive in casting the tie in favor Manchester United And make a dream come true come back in Benito Villamarn.

Betis tried to the end

“I think when we found out in the draw that Manchester United were available for us, we saw we were up against the toughest team in the Europa League. It’s a Champions League-ready team, with a huge budget, we had a big hurdle to overcome. But then, between the two games, I stayed one with a bit of bitterness for what we did, especially in four or five minutes at Old Trafford. It was very first half where we had the chance for the second clear goal, we didn’t convert it and in three minutes they put it 3-1 up and took control of the game and gave them the fourth.”

Juanmi chances

“We went in with this conviction to press and score an early goal, we had three very clear options that would change the game, the result and the pressure that Manchester United played with. They had a goal and they would pass it on goal. But very happy with what the team did, because of their character and because they didn’t change their mechanics.” The game and the way it works according to the competitors, we played with everyone on an equal footing.

Fan support today

“Of course we feel the support of the fans, it’s impossible not to feel it. One of the things we got most from Manchester is that it might have looked like it was all over. But when we entered the stadium we saw the full stadium, with 55,000 people, and that the fans believed in the team. We went out to look for “The matches and that union between the fans and the team is very important. They responded with impressive support, a big part of what was possible in these three years was because of the fans. We wanted to win this game, but there’s nothing to blame because we gave everything we could.”

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Teams, in the second part of Old Trafford

“The difference in a tie is that Manchester United should have almost 10 times more budget than ours. They’re a Champions League team that play in the Europa League, so when it was our turn to draw, we had a lot of bad luck and knew it was going to be tough, eliminating Eintracht last year.” It hurt me a lot in the 120th minute. We can’t go into something specific because it’s quality too.

Betis growth these years

“One of the best things we have achieved is the style of play against any opponent. Maybe we will play against Real Madrid and limit ourselves to the goal to try to draw 0-0 or win 0-1 on the counter-attack, or against Manchester” but we will not advance in this way. They are much bigger rivals than us, but we have the ability to play as equals, it’s a path we wouldn’t change because it has made us grow and believe in the many things we do.”

Abner’s physical condition

“We’re going to check him tomorrow, he had a muscle problem. With his muscles so hot, he probably felt he could continue, but we were going to take a risk, it was important to remove him and replace him with Juan. We’ll see what goes around.”

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