Real Betis – Helsinki Helsinki | Europa League: Pellegrini: “The worst mistake is to think that the classification will indicate who is the favorite in the derby”

Manuel PellegriniTechnical Pettiswas very satisfied in the press room of Benito Villamarne For the performance of their players in the 3-0 win against Helsinki With which the verdiblancos team puts the final touch on the impeccable group stage in European League. In addition, he took the opportunity to talk about next Sunday’s Seville derby, which his team is reaching its starting point.

Betis, the team with the most points in the group stage

“I am very happy, more than being the team with the most points, having had it in a difficult stage with Roma, who were in level 1, we are in Pot 3, and Ludogorets, who proved to be a difficult team. I am very happy because The team managed to overcome this stage of the European League and directly enter the round of 16.”

And in three days, the Seville derby

“That’s right, it’s the next game, we had to attach importance to tonight’s game to give a serious performance like the one we did, a team that came out to win and play from the first minute without thinking about other things. It was different from playing a poor game, with a low individual performance, losing or A draw, or a lack of strong performance. Very satisfied with the team’s performance, scoring three goals, leaving the goal empty and with the behavior of the game.”

Claudio Bravo replaced

“I have already said that all the decisions we make are to only think of the top 11 players in this match. We think it was good that Roy played and not Claudio for different reasons. The important thing is that the match went as we wanted it without a second thought. About the derby early on” .

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Take on a favorite role in the derby?

“I think the worst mistake we can make is thinking that the ranking table will indicate who is the favorite. Derby matches are different games, and we already know how dedicated both teams are to the three points. We had a good time with confidence, but that doesn’t mean That this will allow you to win the match. We will play against a Champions League team that can sometimes have a hard time, but the level of their players, the cost of their team is exactly what they had last year when they qualified for the Champions League. We must focus on playing a good match against a difficult opponent. And trying to get the three points and not look at what’s going on in the table before. The derby. After that, yeah, hopefully for another three.”

Spiritual injection before the derby

“Yes, of course the moments give a lot of confidence, but you have to be very aware of why those moments exist. You start to disagree with the small details, and that’s why I started so that we don’t do different football performances today. What we usually do. Fortunately we don’t. That, so the maturity of the group allows us to continue to grow, which is our goal, to improve on what we did in previous seasons, not settle for specific moments and have a high-level year. We are on the right track because we won our group and we are in the position of the Champions League in LaLiga, but no There is still a long way to go and the 25 players must go to every match with the same attitude at this moment.”

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Is it time to deal a moral blow to Seville?

“If we think the position in the table will tell us what we are going to do in the game or we will determine the difference in points on the field, that would be a big mistake. We have to play a very full game in defense and attack against a Champions League team that is having a bad moment, but just as the good moments turn To bad because of the small details, so do others. Sevilla’s moment is not normal, we will go out and win from the first minute and I am sure we will find ourselves a very difficult opponent, from the Champions League, as this team has been put together”.

Paul Akoko’s evolution

“I am very happy for Paul, but not only this year he has played good matches, but also last year, the team won and played good matches. He is a player who is progressing, and he has to continue to mature in a position that is very tactical. What he shows are the qualities that he has. Then the second jump comes when he gets to the first team, which is always difficult to get to and more difficult to stay in a position instead of Guido or next to Guido. But he is another player in the team and he responded like the other players, and I am happy for him because for us he is very important.”

The first appearance of Danny Breeze and the importance of the quarry

“For us, it is very important to pass the players that come from the reserve team, the players that one thinks have the ability to continue to progress and get into the first team. It is not demagoguery to put young players in order to put them in their place. We started with Juan Cruz, who played Important matches and Luck responded, I think Danny will be another important player in the future for Betis to the extent that he keeps going, pushes himself and will continue to get chances. We can give him according to different circumstances. The match against Bulgaria, Felix who was off the bench today.. There are players in the reserve team who have to keep pushing themselves, going forward and showing that they can get a place in the first team. I am very happy for them.”

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