Reactions to the death of Nicholas Redondo

Reactions to the death of historic union leader Nicholas Redondo Urbieta were not long in coming. His character is praised by both the PSOE, from PP and Ciudadanos, as well as from UGTof which he was Secretary General between 1976 and 1994, and the Comisiones Obreras.

The head of government, Pedro Sánchez, mourned his death, and thanked him for his “key role” in Spanish democracy as well as in the struggle for workers’ rights. “Nicolas Redondo leaves us, a major figure in the history of our democracy. An example of a committed struggle to advance workers’ rights and our welfare state,” Sanchez relayed in a message on Twitter, expressing “all” his affection to family, friends and colleagues.

Also who governmentThe minister’s spokeswoman, Isabel Rodriguez, highlighted Redondo’s character for his “contribution to democracy” and the advancement of workers’ rights, in an interview with RNE. In more general terms, referring to a generation of people like Redondo, he said: “Men and women who have done everything in our power today to enjoy rights and liberties that they have not been able to enjoy for so long in their lives.” .

The kind words did not come only from the socialist side towards the personality of the former Tunisian General Union leader. in it People’s party They also highlighted his personality for his importance in the transition. Alberto Núñez Viejo noted in his Twitter account that “Nicolas Redondo left us, a historic trade union leader and benchmark in defense of freedom, workers’ rights and democracy, who played a key role in socialism during the transition period.”

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In the same vein, the General Secretary of the People’s Party, Koca Jamara, spoke of his regret over what had happened and noted that he “was a tireless advocate for workers’ rights”. In this sense, he stressed that the transition is “losing one of its heroes” and that it is a “responsibility” to defend workers’ rights in a “tireless” way, to “make possible harmony, freedom and democracy”.

In a similar tone, so far chief CitizensInes Arimadas. Via his Twitter account, he lamented Redondo’s death, and also sent support to his family: “Rest in peace Nicolás Redondo, key figure of the most fruitful period of our recent history: the Spanish Transition. My condolences go out to his son Nicolás Redondo Terreros, the rest of his family and all his colleagues.”

From the world of union, the General Federation of Workers also spoke. Specifically, its current Secretary General, Pepe Alvarezwho lamented the death of the former leader of his organization. At the same time, he defined him as “obligated, consistent and courageous.” On his Twitter account, Alvarez highlighted that Redondo was an “essential” figure in anti-Francoism, transition and democracy.

Likewise, already on TVE, he highlighted the “role of workers’ dignity” shown by Redondo during the government of Felipe González, in the transitional period, which “marked a milestone in our country”.

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Unai Sordo, General Secretary of the Commissiones Obreras, offered his condolences on the death of the union leader. “The death of one of the most important figures of Spanish democracy. A man who dedicated his life to advocating for workers. “The earth is a light for you, comrade and citizen.”

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