Raul Padilla López, President of the Guadalajara Book Fair, dies

From the dynasty of the great founders, elegant and prudent, but tireless businessman, the most powerful man in the literary culture of the Spanish world, to create the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico), Raul Padilla LopezHe appeared dead tonight in his home in the capital of Jalisco. He was born in 1954. The exact news of his death is not known, although speculation that has not been confirmed indicates that there was a firearm next to his body as well as a note that could explain the outcome.

FIL was born in 1987, from the idea of ​​transforming this exhibition and its many prizes and initiatives, into the hub of world literature in Spanish, Promote meetings that will lead to unprecedented international meetings in our language culture. He was born under the protection of a proper name, Ho Juan Rulfowho was born in the house (a house full of people every time the FIL was held, just as the various centers of the atura or in the district were filled), whose name was immediately associated with the FIL, but a literary event (his family did not like that Rulfo was called uneducated The greatest symbol of Mexican literature has been erased from the fore.

But FIL has moved on, and now it is A major slogan of the importance that Padilla wanted to give to his country as a center of world literature. Each year it has a guest country; The thousands of kilometers between Guadalajara and the world were nothing to Padilla, who takes charge of his teams (and is now in charge of Marisol Schultza long experienced editor, a wit of our culture) moved from India to Canada and everywhere to turn what had been a utopia into a larger way of writing Spanish literary history, and now, literary history books for all languages.

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Raul Padilla was at the center of this initiative without stopping. The last time I saw him he was doing just that: a meeting with those who, important or important, had come to imagine the future of a larger gallery. On this occasion, he had in the house (a house that was full of people every time the FIL was held, just as the various centers of the fair were filled, as if the whole world lived in Jalisco), former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos. Of course, Padilla was imagining the activities having to do with that country that was waking up on the left, but he was also, through another personal megaphone, giving orders so that what was done with Spain, which would (and would consecrate) FIL for the month of November, Since november is always the round trip period that mexico is Octavio Paz And one of Juan Rulfo And one of Elena Poniatowska They are opening up the shelves of their literary power, heightened by the enormous presence of the man who is no longer there. Local political life (i.e. Mexican), it did not see well from the point of view of power, there were dissensions and persecutions, launched from the highest seat of government, but neither in meetings nor in what he said in public places Padilla went so far in his considerations of such Obstacles, which seemed too dangerous for the peace of the front.

was a teacher, dean; He had the demeanor of a melancholy lover, like those Americans who go places asking who’s first, to try to be him, and he was also a clever talker: he kept quiet while he spoke. He once asked me to take him to the home of a publishing magnate, Jesus PolancoFounder Country. He wanted to pay tribute to him in Guadalajara (like many others, he also received journalists, knowing that without the press there would be no dissemination of culture) and for this he traveled to Madrid from Jalisco.

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He would go in the car as if he could remember, and when he sat across from Polanco, he talked to him more about FIL than he did to Padilla. FIL was preceded by a massive standing ovation, sparking universal agreement that you either go or you don’t.

That was the creation of the blueprints. Enviable, enviable. In the notes given by the Mexican and international press, there are still no traces of all that such an event meant, which is major from all points of view. Given Padilla’s massive height, given the nature of his commitment, he’s extraordinary given his massiveness for Spanish characters.. But above all because of the news itself, which adds so much drama, so much symbolism, to the history of Mexico, always marked by light and shadow, Padilla has given so much light to global ambition. For the country that now sees the death of the businessman whose borders were the feature of literature.

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FIL will be held in November. The latest is in November is the title of one of the greatest books of the sixties in the Norwegian language Hans Eric your nostrils. For those of us who first went to Guadalajara, and will continue to go, there is no better place to know that world literature is still very much alive. Thanks to FIL, November also became a literary noun. Now there is an added strangeness, awe, and admiration before a fact that forever changed the way literature relates to the Spanish with all literature.

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The miracle was Padilla’s miracle, and now this is a sad obituary for him from a journalist who followed the event invented by that guy with little eyes who looked like he was crying in the last FIL movie. Now they are in the overwhelming memory of those of us who have known them as the most bizarre news of our lives as persecutors of writers and books.

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