Ramon Tamamis, Gold Medal Corps of Commercial and Economic Technicians

In his thanks, Ramón reminded Tamames of TCEE’s contribution in difficult historical times

Ramon Tamams Jose Ramon Parks

Professor of Economic Structure, Jean Monnet, President of the European Union and Member of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Ramon Tamames, received yesterday the Gold Medal 2022 of the Corps of Commercial Technicians and State Economists.

In his thanks, Ramón reminded Tamames of TCEE’s contribution in difficult historical times. «I want to remember as one of the most important days of my professional activity, in July 1957, when the then Minister of Commerce, Alberto Olstris, received us in his office, for the promotion of the commercial technicians of that year. “You are entering the watchtower of the Spanish economy,” the minister told us. Words that highlighted the broad prospects for our legion’s activity in the increasingly complex European fabric, which I personally think I realized very particularly while preparing my book The Economic Structure of Spain. It had from the beginning the imprint of the opposition TCEE itself, which it maintained, completed and updated until its twenty-sixth edition in 2022.

“Today, when I was awarded the 2022 Government Commercial Art Honor — at the same time as my esteemed colleague Silvia Iranzo — I want to thank the jury for appointing me. And to all of you, here and now, for your presence in this work, for my beloved,” I continue. .

«And I want to tell the second Vice-President of the Government, Nadia Calvinho, also a Fellow of the Legion, that at this moment I feel the warm pride of belonging to a civil service entity that has provided important services for the economic development of Spain, under any circumstances, for many years, almost a century. I wish all of you, dear friends, good health, an interesting job, a retirement in which you can think about many things in the world in which we live, always new. and to tell you my feelings, at last, that we have the privilege, and still do, of belonging to an ever-silent group of work; But it is also crucial for Spain’s prosperity and also for our democracy and our common future,” he said.

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