Rafa de Pasaballabra confesses | A surprising confession from Rafa de Pasabalabra on Twitter

this week Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbero They will be the protagonists of the show “Anthel”. They were in the thousands Members Pasaballa program who speculated on both contestants attending the programme by Pablo Motos. was talking in Social media From arriving at the end of the program boat in which both contestants will go to talk about the prize.

On the contrary, the two contestants came and talked about it How do they get fame? and on Study methods They use it to stay up to date and complete tests and “El Roscoe” in software.

In recent years, he has become a very familiar face to viewers, but has escaped popularity. Despite the fact that the contestant already has a stellar career on TV after just over 143 shows, he still isn’t familiar with everyone he knows.

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“I have a regular celebrity because I’m a very quiet guy and I try to be very discreet.”He confessed in front of the El Hormiguero announcer, Paul Motorcycles. And while everyone else would take advantage of his draw and great exposure on TV to sell himself, Sevillian prefers to stay in the background. “I have no networks, except for Twitter.” After hearing his words, the announcer couldn’t help but remain silent: “Twitter is a very good option…to be quiet,” Motus assured him.

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In addition, he admitted that the good thing about this social network is that it “silences her a lot.” So, if at some point he could complete the program with a donut, he would be very clear about what he would do: “If the boat goes down, there will be a disappearance.” Twitter for a few months. According to Raphael,to live from this, [de los concursos]-You have to take the boat password.

According to a man from Burgos, often, “through close people” such as friends and family, he receives information from or from someone who follows the program and tries to send his greetings or a video. For his part, Rafa admitted he was touched when someone told him that the last years of a loved one were made more bearable thanks to the program. Not all people are the same: “Usually, people greet you with politeness and goodwill.”.

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