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What is the best hamburger in Spain? It is a difficult question to answer, and what is more, it is almost impossible to generate consensus. Although it was quite a challenge, Best Burger Spain accepted the challenge. For the third consecutive year, this platform has held a competition to select the best hamburger in the country, an event that has become a benchmark in the restaurant business. from February 1 through February 28 From the same month, the jury and consumers will try to find out what’s what Best burger. Evidence for the scale this tournament has gained is that the total 290 establishments have registered to be eligible for this recognized distinction. About 140 were excluded.

“We are trying to find the best hamburger in Spain, and we want consumers to be the ones who really decide what kind of hamburger is for the queen,” explains Ivan de la Plata, organizer of Best Burger Spain. from the organization they created The jury is made up of 40 professionals: YouTubers specializing in gastronomy, members of the National College of Gastronomy Critics and Michelin-starred chefs, among others. Jury note weighs 40% In the final decision, while that of dinner 60%.

How does this tournament work? Customers go to any of the 290 registered restaurants, try hamburgers and Vote through the app On the other hand, the organization sends out hidden juries so they can rate what the hamburger is like, the customer service, or the restaurant’s location. Says Javier Alfonso, winner of Best Burger Spain 2022 for the best hamburger and one of the creators of Junk Burger.

Expansion of food delivery

Is there a soccer match and you don’t have anything in the fridge to eat while you’re enjoying it? Want to watch a movie but don’t feel like eating popcorn? No problem: the delivery company can solve it for you with just one click. Food delivery continues to be a hit with consumers while watching a sporting event. According to data from Uber Eats, In 2022, more than three thousand hamburgers will be ordered per hour Through its application, which translates to selling more than six million “burgers”.

The restoration process values ​​having these types of options for the customer because that is how they are identified. And by the way, they increase their sales. Sundays are the days when more hamburgers are eaten, a trend that gets worse when there are football matches. This is supported by data from Uber Eats. These reveal that the days with the highest number of orders for this type of food in 2022 were November 20th due to The opening match of World Cup, on November 27 to match between Spain and Germany And on December 18 with End Qatar.

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These stalls seek gastronomic Quality, product, image or customer service win your customers over Presenting a “simple hamburger”, but in fact behind it is a whole business process. says Carlos Maldonado, Masterchef3 award winner and founder of the estate restaurant. Chef El Círculo has created during the pandemic, further expanding his catering. “They’re not the hamburgers you eat every day, they are special burgers Since the meat is consistent, the sauces are different and there is another concept behind it, ”explains Carlos Maldonado.

After passing the tournament period (until February 28), the organization will announce the finalists that they will have to go to the Museo Estrella Galicia in A Coruña on March 7 to play The final, which will include between 10 and 20 institutions And where the jury will finally decide which is the best hamburger in Spain 2023.

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