Quevedo’s Artistic Directors: “The bastard nailed every scene in the video for the first time”

From the hands of the Argentine producer strangethe guy Canary rapper Quevedo It became, almost overnight, a global phenomenon. for him stay — which isn’t even the official title of Success, Session #52 of hitmaker From Buenos Aires – Reached 1,500 million views last year, and his initial legion of fans were anticipating ahead of the artist’s first film from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. but where i want to be (2023), released on January 20, did not come alone, but was accompanied by a visual album accompanying Pedro – as those close to him call him – on his island and 16 tracks from his long-awaited LP. The directors of this movie are Joaquin Moon And Alfonso Rieraknown as the sky.

Q: What is it the sky?

R was found. The name comes from Heaven killed thema phrase that affected both of us one afternoon while listening to the recording omega (1996), by Enrique Morente. That was a few days after we met, too. Later we saved it for publication the skyTwo directors. By the way: we are Joaquín Luna and Alfonso Riera, two young men between the ages of 30 and 29 who share a way of seeing and understanding.

Q: We live in the audiovisual age, and also in an era bachelor. But it’s not often that an artist releases 16 videos at once… where i want to be (2023) Tell me: What is the germ of this project?

R was found. The thing is, we actually worked with part of Pedro’s team. We have brought out two pieces for Delloussa with the creative direction of our dear Emilio Holguin, from the Velodrome, with whom we have formed a very good team and good friends. In fact, he and we both knew that we would work together again. The Velodrome is also responsible for the creative direction of everything Quevedo-related, so they had this project on the table and contacted Nabil Egy, from Antistatico Productions, to carry out the production of the film. Total, that after a phase of proposals and remedies to various directors, we have been chosen to direct and write this project.

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Q: How was that stage?

R was found. It was the Velodrome team who conveyed to us the general idea of ​​what the project should be about; Specifically, about Pedro and his life on the island. The island should talk about Pedro and Pedro, about the island. Based on this idea, we set out to write a series of clips – 16, to be exact – that would work individually, thus telling a unique story in a complete 55-minute audiovisual segment. The truth is, we make a great character a team With Carlos Saez and Emilio Holguin, because we were able to write the script in just four days.

Q: What is philosophy? What is required of this huge project? Because it somewhat violates the rules of the game.

R was found. Well, we guess the boundaries of cinema haven’t been around for a while now. So… why not make a full movie of an artist’s album? Usually thought of as a video clip that you serve Just to accompany a song with pictures, but think the sky It’s not that. For us, creating a visual story for a song is about elevating it and giving it more meaning, more motivation, more packaging. In the end, music is a tool – like no other – for self-expression, image and sound at the same time, they scream louder than one.

Q: Anyway, I suppose creating, preparing, shooting and editing sixteen videos is a huge job…

R was found. And more when you do it in record time! But the truth is, we were very fortunate with the team that was put together to make this movie. Everyone put their energy and strength into getting out where i want to be The best possible way. Since the project reached the offices of Antiestático, we set to work, and after those four intense days of writing, the production team (Nabil Eje, Matias Dumont, Juan Carlos Ballesteros, Blanca) began organizing what would be the week before filming, scouting for locations in Las Palmas with Great team from Macaronesia Films. We drove around the whole island in several vans with our photography and camera team (Marino Pardo, Alberto Zamora and Antonio Albalati) and with our directing team (Inaki Tina, Manu Lazzaro and Aniella Patton) and art directors (Laya N. Maria Carreté), trying to find the angles that She speaks best of Pedro, which would work on a narrative and aesthetic level and which would adapt to a production that involves recording roughly two videos a day.

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Q: If screenwriting is intense then it…

R was found. Imagine…we all entered as one atmospheres Since there was only that for two weeks. But we felt very comfortable at all times: many people passed through the set, but they all opened their doors to us, and everyone on the island did their part to facilitate the shooting. We’re really grateful for that, really.

s. In addition, there was a lot of extra work hiring

Yes, while filming was still in the Canary Islands, we were working in parallel on the animation piece that would appear in the middle of filming one of the most iconic songs on the album, Punto G; Animation drawn by La Perra Gorda (Susanna Marlowe and Samo Gambin), who joined the adventure and also produced in record time a wonderful piece. So we arrived in Madrid with a suitcase full of hard disks and the task of making the film. This was one of the craziest moments on the project, and if not, ask the editors (Gomez Silva and Carlos Saez) and sound designer (Pablo Serrano), who, with a good time and Christmas in between, released a 55-minute tape we’ve been tuning in to this day. Album release in Madrid.

Q: How did you sign up with Quevedo?

R was found. It’s not that I have tables, it’s that I can be an actor. The ability to take in and understand what we said to him and the desire and enthusiasm he showed was unbelievable, he nailed it all the first time, bastard.

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Q: The result, they said, is almost a movie: it’s 55 minutes long and, indeed, has narrative meaning (beyond the fact that those 16 Actions work independently). How do you determine where I want to be?

R was found. where i want to be It is a tour of Pedro’s experiences in Las Palmas: his daily life, his surroundings, his people, his corners… He and the people of the Velodrome wanted this film to be as honest and real as possible.

s. Before you talk about your own perception of what video is today (as a genre), but since you already have experience in the medium… Has the classic perception of video changed in recent years?

R was found. naturally. The ways of doing things are no longer subject to some specific code; Now it all works, what really matters is that there is an intention behind it. Specifically, we are drawn to the possibility of experimenting (more) and drawing other kinds of conclusions.

Q: Does that motivate you? where i want to be Will he appear at a film festival?

R was found. It is always a pleasure to see a piece on the big screen as there are so many hours of work, dedication and effort by so many people. Gather the whole team and watch the movie from the seats… It’s going to be an exciting moment.

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Q: What does it mean to have the opportunity to work with a great artist?

R was found. For us it was like opening a window. But, other than that, a very positive experience. Working with a powerful artist like Quevedo is a real luxury, but also having the chance to get to know him as a person, since he is a ten-year-old man. In any case, whoever is the protagonist (older or younger) does not change anything for us: in El Cielo we always have the same illusion and the same desire when it comes to our work (well), regardless of the numbers.

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