Quevedo will release his debut album, Donde quiero estar, on January 20th

  • The album will include 16 songs, in collaboration with other artists

  • The Staycation author will be going on tour on March 11th

The artist Quevedo will publish his first album “where i want to beon January 20 and will include 16 songs with She collaborates with artists such as Omar Montes, Cruz Cavone, Mike Towers or JC Reyes.

“Well folks, there’s nothing left for you to listen to on my first album and I’m very happy with that. What I’m trying to show with this album is the way I look and find where I want to be, both from the geographic sense as from the meaning of my career,” the artist announced on Twitter. Social Media.

Quevedo, what He has already progressed on many singles such as “Punto G”He explained in an interview with Europa Press that he wanted this work to be conceptual. “Here we go,” he said then, “the album has a meaning and a concept: perhaps the songs are not similar to each other, but they are about something.”

The album begins with an introduction, “Speech”, with Cruz Cafuné, and includes songs such as “Ahora qué”, “Vista al mar”, “Lisboa” or “éramos dos”. On the back cover published by Quevedo, the artist is seen from behind against a blue sky and some clouds.

“Now, it’s hard to know where you are when everything is going so fast and you don’t have time to stop and think about it. It’s hard to know if my place is where I want to be, or if it’s where I wanted to be, even when I’m chasing dreams And goals and objectives; sometimes I don’t have time to enjoy them and dress others up. I almost don’t have time to continue dreaming.”

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Quédate made Quevedo the first Spanish artist to reach number one on Spotify Global, passing in less than a day ten million visits and also occupying the first leading position on YouTube Spain. In 2022, he collaborated on the song ‘Cayó la noche Remix’, which managed to lead the Spanish Top 50 and Spanish Top 50 charts.

Last December, Pedro Luis Domínguez Quevedo, better known as Quevedo, announced the first dates of his DQE tour that will take place throughout 2023. Specifically, the concerts will be on March 11 at the Gran Canaria Arena, on May 5 at the WiZink Center in Madrid and May 12th at Club Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

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