Quevedo | Quevedo’s 5 best songs: Stay, Night Fall, Playa del Inglés …

  • The canarian and youthful promise of Spanish urban music rose to fame after ‘session music’ with Argentine producer Bizarab

The youngster from the Canary Islands, who is just 21 years old, rose to fame on the national music scene by promoting the single “Cayo La Noche”. Such was the success of his part of the song that some people cut it and uploaded it to YouTube for those who just wanted to hear that minute.

From the hands of the Argentine producer Bizarab, It is becoming a global phenomenon from day to day. for him stay — which isn’t even the official title of Success, Session #52 of hitmaker From Buenos Aires – Reached 1,500 million views last year, and his initial legion of fans were anticipating ahead of the artist’s first film from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

After that, his fame rose in record time and he achieved such honors as existence The Spanish artist with the most views on the music platform Spotify. The remake of the first album of the rapper from Gran Canaria Quevedo, “Donde quiero estar” 10.92 million times The day of its release, January 20.

Since then, he has appeared in the charts almost every week and has collaborated with popular urban music artists. his style, between rap and reggaeton, His distinctive voice seems to portend a promising future for him in the music industry. Although it’s hard to pick just 5 songs from the Canaries, these are the ones you should listen to if you want to get to know Quevedo:

BZRP Music Sessions #52

Undoubtedly, his greatest success brought him to the height of his fame. Even though that is his real name, most people refer to this song as “Stay” has already accumulated 475 million views on YouTube.

Night has fallen

The song that launched his national fame is a collaboration of seven Canarian artists: La Pantera, Juseph, Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafuné, El Ima and Quevedo himself.

English beach

On this song he collaborates with Puerto Rican singer, Mike TowersWho has extensive experience in the world of Latin music.

Now and always

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This theme, considered by many to be the singer’s most famous and original, is a Is characterized by With singer Linton.

Sea View

One of the most popular voices of the moment in discotheques and radios in Spain, on this occasion, Just sing it

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