Quevedo breaks the record for being copied by a Spanish artist on Spotify

The remake of the first album of the rapper from Gran Canaria Quevedo, “Donde quiero estar” 10.92 million times on Spotify on the day of its release, January 20, which is the highest record yet achieved by a Spanish artist on that platform.

As reported by his record company, he surpassed “Donde quiero estar” in copying on Spotify on its first day, despite releasing a full-length hit like “Motomamifrom Rosalia.

Fifteen of the 16 songs on the album were placed on the same day, January 20, among the 20 most played songs on the platform in Spain, a position in which 13 remained three days later.

This includes the second and third places, which “Ahora qué” and “Playa del Inglés” occupied, respectively, in the list they continue to top. Shakira and Bizarab with Session 53 (“Pa’Guys Like You”).

In the same Top 20 Spain is still Quevedo’s collaboration with Argentine producer (Session 52, or “Stay”), which has led Spotify’s global charts for days and is on the verge of adding 1 billion streams on the platform.

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“Quevedo will be the first Spanish artist to achieve this,” predicted his record label, Taste The Floor Records. Those responsible for this appellation, which has practically accompanied Quevedo since it became known, also confirm this The song “Ahora qué” reached more than 1 million views in just 24 hourssomething that has already been achieved by two other songs by the Canary rapper.

In the global charts of the platform, on the day of the album’s release, seven songs from “Where I want to be” were in the top 200.

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