Quentin Dubeaux, the man who laughs at Sitges

killer tires. Corrupt cops but music lovers. Men are obsessed with suede jackets. This kind of unusual animal star in cinema Quentin Duboxa lover of silly (or “stupid”, as he put it) humor who visited Sitges two years after driving a festival audience crazy with a particularly crazy creature: the giant fly adopted by two stupid goons in “jaws”.

Since the idiot “under arrest!” As of 2018, Dupieux has been running an average of one movie per year, something that didn’t stop until the coronavirus. Because of the pandemic, however, premieres have piled up this year: he competes at the festival with not one, but two new fantasies, Unbelievable but true And the best Smoking causes coughing. When he narrates this intense event for 2022, he will also be able to add a new album under his electronic pseudonym Mr. Oizo, “Voilà”, half-recorded with Italian rapper Fra. Or another prize for the group: a time machine.

Time Travel and Power Rangers

In the movie “Incredible but true”, a couple (great Alan Shabat s Leah Drucker) It stays with a house for its spaciousness, but also for a certain science fiction rhetoric. We can think of Dubeaux’s “Primer,” his absurd contribution to the most rational tradition of time travel cinema. “I’ve seen Primer,” he says. “And these kinds of films pique my interest, but they usually stay in the concept explained and explained. My idea is simple: I want people to have fun. When I was young I saw stupid things. I love idiots. Forget the truthThis is not to say that along the way, Dupieux succeeded in spelling out midorexia in men and women. Already the distant “Steak”, his version of “Gang”, was a satire of the image cult.

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On the other hand, in “Smoking causes coughing”, A team of guards with the appearance of Power Rangers, Tobacco Patrol, ordered to remain in a spiritual retreat to improve group cohesion. Just when you thought you knew what you were looking at, bum, these totally normal superheroes start telling each other scary stories. “There was no point doing a Power Rangers parody. It could have been just one joke and wouldn’t grab the audience’s attention for ninety minutes, or less, in this case. I wanted to mix in a lot of different things, stories of all kinds, that all Something that was unpredictable, and you can’t tell what’s coming next.”

Just talking is boring

When Dupieux appears in some credits, reality is lowered from the screen. “When I write, I never consider the real world. It’s not my thing and a lot of people do it better than me. I play with symbols, I play with narrative.” Always, but especially lately, in the service of the purest laughter. After getting the best laughs with “Jaws,” he set out to make it happen with every movie: “I explore different things in everything I do, but the important thing in the end is that people get laughs. If I don’t hear laughter, I feel like I’ve failed. That’s how I am in life. If we went to dinner and just talked, without laughing a little, I would be bored. When I get back to bed, I’ll think, Well, it wasn’t bad, but … It was a bit boring!“.

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